-The president gave a speech to a group of Republicans
last night. where he sent a bunch
of insane stuff. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] -It’s been almost two weeks since Trump’s attorney general
released a memo in Special Counsel
Robert Mueller’s final report. The memo said Mueller had not
established a conspiracy between the Trump campaign
and Russia, but it also said Mueller
had not exonerated Trump of obstruction of justice,
so it was a mixed bag. But Trump has declared
himself victorious and even threatened last week to keep the full report hidden
from the public. -The president —
the same president, who over the past week has said he’s for the full release
of the report wrote this — “The problem is,
no matter what the radical-left Democrats get, no matter what we give them it,
it will never be enough. Just watch. They will harass
and complain and resist the theme of their movement. So, maybe we should just
take our victory and say no. We’ve got a country to run. -Okay, first of all,
you don’t have a country to run because you don’t run it. You outsource it to
your collection of weirdos while you go golfing
with Kid Rock. By the way, I’m glad. I’m glad to see Kid Rock
is respecting the flag by turning it
into a fart catcher. [ Laughter ] In fact, despite
proclaiming falsely that he’s been exonerated, some officials even
within the White House are anxious that the president
is getting ahead of himself before the full report
comes out. One senior White House official
said, “There will be plenty of unfavorable things
about the president in the full report,
which we think will eventually come out, so let’s not go overboard
saying there’s no wrongdoing. Let’s move on.” Yeah, of course, there will be damning things
in the report, because we know publicly
it’s damning. Mueller’s report could
literally just be a bunch of news articles
about Trump stapled together
with a cover sheet that says,
“Remember this stuff?” [ Cheers and applause ] And while… [ Cheers and applause
continues ] While Trump, himself, wants to declare victory
and move on, he also seems stuck
on his obsession with how Mueller’s investigation
got started. The answer to that is simple. The FBI was investigating
his ties to Russia and then he fired the guy
in charge of that investigation and because his
of Republican attorney general had recused himself, his Republican
deputy attorney general appointed Robert Mueller. But Trump still wants someone
to look into what he called or what he tried to call
“the origins of the report.” But he sad some trouble
saying the word. I hope they now go and take
a look at the oranges — the origins
of the investigation, the beginnings
of that investigation. You look at the origin
of the investigation. The Mueller report, I wish,
covered the oranges… how it started. -“Yeah. Hey, mom… Mom, I’m worried about grandpa.” Yeah. Yeah, oranges.” [ Laughter ]
Why does he keep saying oranges? Is he hungry or is that
always how he says it? [ As Trump ]
Did you see “Captain Marvel”? It is pretty good
for an oranges story. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ]
And if you’re confused by this, you’re not the only one —
even the White House can’t figure out
what Trump was trying to say, because in their official
transcript of his remarks, the transcript that is published
on the White House website, They had to invent a new word. Here is how they spelled it. “I hope they now go and take a look at the oranges.” I love imagining
the stenographer who had to type that one out. “Take a look at the… I don’t know.”
Just make something up. [ Laughter ] That looks how a child
would spell it on a piece of cardboard if they opened up
their own fruit stand. [ Laughter ]
I mean, seriously, though. Is… Is the White House going do this every time Trump
makes up a new word? I mean, what about this one. -God bless the United “Shtates.” [ Laughter ] Does that mean they are going to have to change the signs
at the airport? And while Trump’s hung up on the oranges
of the investigation his supporters, like
Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, are hung up
on a different obsession. They want everyone associated
with the report to go to jail, although I have to say,
the way she ended her rant made it a lot less dramatic
than she intended. -This should never happen again, and I can guarantee you
it will happen again unless we make an example
of the traitorous, treasonous group
that accused Donald Trump of being an agent
of the Russian government. These arrogant, lying, condescending, leaking, haters of you and me and the America
that doesn’t have power are going to do it again
unless we stop them and the only way to stop them is with justice —
true justice — and that’s
behind-the-bars justice. And that’s my open. Let me know what you think
on my Facebook and Twitter. #JudgeJeanine. -Now, it really undercuts
your authoritarian call for traitors to be
thrown in jail when you end it by asking people
to like you on Facebook. You never saw Stalin
get on TV and say, “We will crush the opposition and root out the traitors
amongst us. And, as always, please remember,
like and subscribe.” [ Laughter ] [ Speaks indistinctly ] So, it’s been almost two weeks
since Mueller’s report was delivered,
and in that time, the question on everybody’s mind
has been, how would Trump respond? Would this strengthen him
politically? What message would he focus on? And now we have the answer, as we learned at a rally
last week and again in the speech
last night Trump has decided to spend
the rest of his presidency doing the impressions
of windmills. -If Hillary got in,
you wouldn’t have that stat. I can tell you right now. You’d be doing wind.
You can be doing windmills. Whee. Hillary wanted
to put up wind, wind. If you have a windmill
anywhere near your house, congratulations — your house just went down
75% in value. and they say the noise
causes cancer. You tell me that one, okay? [ Imitates whirring sound ] -So many questions. First, the idea that
noise from windmills causes cancer is insane,
but, second, why does his impression
keep clanging. -Whee!
[ Imitates whirring sound ] [ Laughter ] -[ As Trump ] You know, cats? Cats — they’re either like meow
or woof, woof, woof, woof. [ Scattered applause ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Normal voice ] Trump’s riff
on cancer-causing windmills was only the beginning. He also told the Republicans
in attendance they say they should
be more careful about voter fraud,
which is nonexistent. In fact, the most prominent case
of election fraud in 2018 was committed by a Republican
in North Carolina, but Trump kept insisting
that something was going on. -You got to watch
those vote tallies. You know, I keep hearing
about the election and the various counting measures
that they have. There were a lot of close
elections that were — they seemed, to every
single one of them, went Democrat. If it was close,
they say the Democrat — There’s something
going on, fella. Hey, you to be little bit
more paranoid than you are. Okay? -More paranoid?! You already think windmills
are causing cancer. The only way you can
be more paranoid is if you thought the windmills
were committing voter fraud. [ As Trump ] The windmills —
they’re wearing disguises, and they’re voting —
oh, they’re voting! I saw one in a polling booth. Big hat, mustache. [ Laughter ] [ Speaks gibberish ] [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] Trump
also expressed concern in that same speech that his remarks would
get out to the press. Trump is talking about
something incomprehensible that’s honestly not even
worth explaining. The important part
is the end of the clip. They put names,
and you pick a name. Ladies and gentlemen,
I’m proud to announce so and so. I don’t want to use names
’cause I’ll get in trouble. Somebody’s going to leak this
whole damn speech to the media. -Leak it to the media?
You’re on TV! [ Laughter ]
You’re not… Do you not see the cameras? Do you not see the cameras? I can’t believe I had to say it. You should be more paranoid. You’re the president
of the United States, and you’re on television. We can all see you. You’re like a guy live-streaming
himself on Facebook, screaming, “I’m being watched.” I mean, I’m worried someone
is going to leak this, and he’s going to see it. [ Laughter ] In fact, Trump was
so afraid to use names that when he after Congresswoman
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who proposed the Green New Deal, he referred to her
by her previous job, instead of the current one. -The Green New Deal done by a young bartender,
29 years old. [ Laughter ] A young bartender.
-All right. First of all,
she is a member of Congress and her name is
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. [ Cheers and applause ]
I mean… We call you “Mr. President,” not Crazy Windmill Cancer Guy. It’s like, so what
if she was a bartender? We need more working people
and women of color in politics. Right now,
every Senate hearing — Right now,
every Senate hearing looks like
a Clint Eastwood movie, where a bunch of old guys
decide to pull one last heist. [ Laughter ] Whether you agree
with the details or not, AOC has an ambitious plan
to deal with an existential threat to the planet,
and she’s got everyone talking about climate change. Trump, on the other hand, tried to explain
his trade policy last night, especially when it comes
to countries that sell us cars, and it made no sense whatsoever. -I said, if you don’t do this,
we’re gonna tariff every product coming out of your country
at 25%. And every time I had a problem, I would just take, you know —
especially cars. I had a little plastic car
on my desk, and I’d have the leaders
come over, and I’d just take the car out,
put it on the front of the desk. They’d say,
“Okay. We agree.” -I do not believe that story. [ Laughter ] -You take out
a little plastic — How does that even work? “Mr. President, we have a trade
deficit of $800 billion.” [ As Trump ] Counterpoint. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] And while Trump
rallies about windmills and attacks the Green New Deal,
the Democratic primary, on the other hand,
has been very policy focused. The candidates are talking about
everything from climate change to health care to voting rights. In fact, today,
Senator Elizabeth Warren unveiled a bill
to make it easier to jail executives
for company abuses, And when she was asked
at a recent town hall about her plans
to increase taxes on the wealthiest Americans, she could not contain
her excitement. -Thank you, Senator Warren,
for being here. How do you plan to make sure
the extremely rich pay their fair taxes? -Whoa! [ Laugher ]
-Damn! She reacted like she just
landed a rover on Mars. Elizabeth Warren reacts
to taxing the rich the way the rest of us
react to a surprise party. “Surprise!”
-Whoa! [ Laughter ] She’s excited to talk about it
because whether you agree with it or not,
people want to hear about it. They don’t really care that much
about Mueller or Russia. In fact, the website
FiveThirtyEight found this week that Trump
hadn’t seen a post-Mueller boost in the polls, in part,
because the Russia investigation isn’t a big priority for voters. Most people have more
immediate worries, like whether they have
enough gas in the car or can pay their water bill, and tomorrow is
the kids’ soccer game, and it’s their turn to bring… -Oranges. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Voters want to hear about stuff like healthcare
and climate change. Trump doesn’t have a plan to
deal with any of those issues. Instead, he’s spending his time
rambling about windmills. To get through the next
two years of this, We’re all going to need
a really good… -Bartender. -This has been
“A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]