time now for our weather update we have
our weathercaster EG hyun at seoul’s young church on stream 4 as one of the
popular sites for the cherry blossom season jian as you are aware our team
was discussing until the very last moment whether to cancel your outdoor
report today as the lot of people are struggling in Korea’s eastern regions
with that wildfire we spoke about the top of the newscast we hope the weather
cooperates there because the wind is making it worse it seems but give us a
glimpse it looks rather nice where you are a glimpse of the yang Jian stream sure mark and good morning well as we
can see cherry blossoms have started blue earrings are about a couple of days
ago so here in yang data stream is also turning into pink and getting ready for
their famous annual event which kicks off today but you know about what fires
to have been breaking out across the country these days are warring citizens
in in Korea and of course destroyed conditions the strongest are not helping
at all and we’re not just talking about the winds but we are more of talking
about – force winds so let’s talk a little bit more about that now over in
come on the province and regions in the East are seeing wind speeds of 10 to 20
m/s it was if it’s stronger overnight and when wind speeds reached maximum of
17 m/s we call it a tropical depression so you know regions in the East are
really dealing with some severe weather conditions and not to mention the dry
weather warnings are in place there as well and sadly conditions to look any
better for containing the fire today as well temperature-wise it is a lot more
bearable but you still need jackets for your morning commute it’s kind of chilly
out here and Saturday is looking a bit rainy for most
areas but today should be a mostly sunny one and morning lows are kicking off a
few degrees higher than yesterday double digits for Jeju Island big gaps in
readings continued in most areas as daily highs will be in the upper teens
to 20s and Seoul will get up to mid-teens this afternoon weekend is
Epona’s hiking and camping if you’re planning for any outdoor activities this
weekend please use extra caution that’s Korea
for you and here’s the International weather for viewers around the world