Hello I’m Michelle Park here with the weather
update. Typhoon NANMADOL is heading this way,… and
its influence will be felt especially on Jeju island with heavy rain and gusty winds from
tonight until tomorrow morning. As NANMADOL moves north it’s influenced our
monsoon front as well, resulting in numerous casualties. Ten people drowned due to flooding at a lake
near Hongcheon, Gangwon-do Province, and bridges were submerged, stranding about 20 people. The typhoon is expected to fade gradually
by tomorrow as it moves towards Japan. Currently, most of the monsoon rain has come
to a pause, but heavier rain is waiting to fall here in the capital as we move into the
evening. This on-and-off rain will repeat itself until
Wednesday, mainly focusing on the central region. With more rain tomorrow, it’s going to be
lovely day for the ducks. And most of the areas will have a similar
start to the day in the low to mid twenties. As for during the day, Seoul will top out
to 31 degrees Celsius, while the southern regions will be lower at 29 and 27 for Gwangju
and Busan. I’ll leave you with the weather conditions
around the world.