A DEVASTATING 100mph storm slammed into South Korea today after battering Japan’s southern islands grounding flights and destroying homes  Typhoon Tapah flipped boats at harbours and at one stage it was feared the weather front would disrupt the Rugby World Cup in mainland Japan  A tournament spokesman said: “The typhoon could bring high winds and heavy rain No match disruption is anticipated at this stage.’  “But we have advised teams of potential disruption to training and team movements as a precautionary measure ”  Japan’s Meteorological Agency said the storm was moving northeast at a speed of 19 mph, with maximum wind speeds topping 100mph  It warned of heavy rain, flooding and possible landslides throughout Monday in the west of mainland Japan  The storm also led to the cancellations of more than 400 domestic flights and dozens of people have reportedly been injured by flying debris  “Serious caution is warranted for violent winds, high waves and landslides,” said Japan’s Fire and Disaster Management Agency in a statement  Evacuation advisories have now been issued to more than 2,000 regional residents, according to the disaster management agency  In Nobeoka City in Miyazaki prefecture, a tornado believed to have been triggered by the typhoon damaged at least one house and injured two people slightly  The winds also blew a cargo container into an electricity tower, causing power loss to some train stations in the area