so after spending an extra day, we took rest in Udaipur arranged Petrol in black from a nearby village, as no Petrol was available in Udaipur itself nearest Petrol pump from Udaipur is in Tandi on Manali-Leh road, which is 88Kms from here it has been raining on & off for past 48hrs, and there is a road block on main Udaipur-Tandi road due to landslide so as suggested by locals, we took the alternate path via Triloknath temple, from other side of the river this road will also connect to the main Tandi road but 20kms ahead, which will make us bypass the landslide sorry for the rain drops, it was raining continuously Udaipur-Tandi stretch is more scenic and green, as compared to Killar-Udaipur vehicles coming from the other is a good sign, hopefully, no landslides ahead this place is peaceful and scenic, worth staying overnight so this road will connect on Manali-Leh road, right beside Tandi road condition is good with small patches of broken roads that’s the Manali-Leh road ahead left goes to Leh, and straight goes to Manali