Hi, I’m Michelle. If you’re having
internet connection issues a quick look at your modem lights will give you some
idea of where the problem is. If you see any steady, on-off blinking it may mean
there’s a problem with your connection to the Internet.
Before we go deeper, let’s very quickly go over what the modems do and why
they’re critical to your internet set up. Your modem takes the internet connection
coming in, and converts it into data that your router, or your computer can
understand. The term modem stands for modulator demodulator, which goes back to
the days of analog, when computers primarily used telephones to connect to each
other, and they used sound to transfer information. Every cable internet modem
has one of these: the power light. This lights up, and should stay solid. Once
powered the first thing your modem will do is check for signal from your
internet provider, hopefully us, and you’ll see the downstream light, here,
flashing. When it’s detected a signal the light will turn solid. Next, the modem
enters a process called “ranging”. This is where it starts calling out, and
making requests to your internet provider to establish a good, clean
signal. This L-E-D is referred to as the upstream indicator, here. Once a strong
the signal has been locked in, your modem we’ll move on to the third light, the
online indicator. During this stage the modem is requesting an IP or “Internet
Protocol” address from your internet provider. During the connection process,
the downstream and upstream L-E-D indicators should remain completely
solid. If they start flashing, it means the signal lock was lost, and the process
will begin again. If the downstream, upstream and online L-E-D indicators
remain solid the modem will begin sending and receiving data, and you’ll
see the link light, here, actively flashing. This means the “WAN”
port is active and talking to the computer, or router that it’s plugged in to.
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