So what are you doing here? We are making a film. Or atleast we are trying to And how is it going? Pretty basic Dude film is an art. And art cannot be made in 50 hours. Do you think Monalisa was painted in 50 hours? Where the @*!k is the writer? if there were Cooke lenses na.. It would have been magical.. Can we please write a script first? How about that? Do you have anything relevant to the theme? I cant feel it yet. Have Patience. Something good will come out of it. So what are you doing in this project? I’m the Assistant Director. And how’s it going? Everyone is slow. This Director knows nothing. I would’ve made 2 films in 50 hours. When does the Shoot start? I don’t know bro. They’ve taken 5 hours just to get a feel of it. How much more time? Lets do the lyrical thing. Do Comedy. It works and its cheap to produce. Do anything but finalise it fast. What about my Cooke lenses? Can you please introduce yourself? Sure, I’m YDG. and this is my creation. And our shooting is finally starting after 12 hours of extensive work. So how does it feel? It feels amazing.. It’s… It’s.. It’s like the best thing. Pretty good.. What’s the most important thing for this format? THE RIGHT TEAM. Hey!! What are you doing in this film? Getting screwed over.. I mean seriously what? I’m the producer but I’m being treated as an attendant. Random Man: Are you guys shooting? No, We are Dancing.. Who is the hero? It’s Hrithik Roshan. Go see for yourself. Director explaining the shot to the Actor Action I DON’T KNOW HOW TO TELL YOU THIS. You are shouting. We dont need to shout. He is doing it well. He has understood the character properly. lease let me direct this film. We come like this and then we zoom into him and cut the shot. This is nice, but let’s experiment a bit more We can do the same shot from the inside. Instead of coming like this we can go like that. What try it out? We have experimented enough. We don’t have time. She is right. You have reached the end of your journey.
You are at your happiest. And I want to see that happiness in your body.
Not just your face. Also your body. Ready…Roll Camera…and Action! Happiness…Lots of happiness. And Cut. It’s a wrap….It’s a wrap…..It’s a wrap It’s crazy, its chaotic Its overwhelming yet charismatic But when that little inkling calls And your heart kinda sets on it You just hit the road You know its unique You know it will be iconic