Timbaktoon, who is he? Boss, he is Umbrella man. It is not raining here. Take him away. I don’t want to buy any umbrella. Hot rays, falling rain, I can finish everybody’s tale. Because I am not an umbrella trader but the umbrella chief. Haha!! Umbrella man!!! Mad boss, Fire and shoot me. My name is Mad max and not Mad Boss. Your umbrellas cannot stop my laser rays. Haha!! How are you Mad Boss? Now did u understand, that I am not a trader but the chief of umbrellas. Haha!! Did you noticed the power of my soldiers? They are laser proof, fire proof and water proof. Ok, I understood. You are a very useful man. Go and kill Vir the Robot boy. You will be given whatever you ask for. Go! Ok Mad boss thank you. My name is Mad Max and not Mad Boss. It is so hot; there is a shower of sweat. If it really rains than the climate would turn cool. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadaum dum dumadum. Look Chulbul, it is going to rain. Now be happy. Gintu, what are you doing? If someone will see that it is raining only on us then? Please don’t do this. Ok I will start the shower in entire Fursatganj. Hey Bunty’s Mom, Bunty, come out and look it is raining heavily. Hehe!!! Oh! My back. Oh! What happened dad? Oh! I got a cramp on my slim waist. Haha! So much fun! Chulbul, you should not laugh on someone like that. It is wrong. Lift me up. Dad! Come! Everybody come here. What is the cost of this umbrella? All these umbrellas are for free. Anybody who is interested can take it for free. Free, free, totally free. An umbrella free on a free umbrella. Haha!! Dad, he is giving the umbrellas for free. Let’s go and take it. Save me!!! Help!!! Haha!! I am not a trader of umbrellas but the chief. I am Umbrella man!!! Robo boy help!! What is happening? I’m sure this man has been sent my Mad max. Imli, Chulbul you both wait here and don’t come in front. I will be right back. Haha!! Shout! He will definitely come. Haha!! Robo boy suit on. Haha!!! Who are you? Leave them. Haha!! Robot boy, nice meeting you. Hot rays, falling rain, I can finish everybody’s tale. Because I am not a trader but the chief of umbrellas. Umbrella man!!!! You want Robot boy. I am here, now leave them and if you have guts than compete with me. I need to take him somewhere far from here otherwise the laser beams may hurt someone. I should call Chubul here. I will take him for a ride on clouds. He will be happy. I will give him carrots to eat. Wow, so many carrot. It’s amazing! Chulbul, is everybody enjoying the rain down? If I tell him what is going on down then, he will leave and instead of helping Vir, he will raise more problems. I should stop him here only and keep eating carrots happily. Hehe!! Tell me!! Everything is fine, Vir will handle everything, only those umbrellas which are flying are troubling people. I will go and help Vir. What am I doing here? Who are you? You came here to have popcorn and I am here to have carrots. Come on, eat popcorn. It is so much fun to have popcorn’s on clouds. Thank you Robo boy!! My soldiers go and catch Robo boy. trap him. Haha!! Robo boy, this is the beginning of your end. Haha!! Let’s go home boy’s. I am not a trader of umbrellas. I am the chief of umbrellas. Haha!! Twister suit on. No, my umbrellas. I prepared them with so much efforts. I will destroy you!! Extra power on. Yeah!! Haha!! When you cannot remove cream with a straight finger then you should bend it. Now you are trapped Robo boy. Come on let’s go to Mad Max. Drill suit on. Hello, how are you? No, you made a hole in my umbrella, I will not leave you. I will not leave you. I won’t let you go umbrella man. No, stop it!! Chulbul, what happen? Let’s go down to see the grand finale. Rest all is done. Let’s go! Enough!! Land is near. Please, stop, I’m afraid. Now sing that umbrella man song please, I like it a lot. Umbrella man!!!! Robo boy! Thank you Robo boy. I am going back to my village. I will go there and sell umbrellas. I wont be the chief of umbrellas but I will be the trader. Bye!! Save me! Boss, Umbrella man help!!!