Look at the forecast for this week. Really? Gonna be a great week you guys! It’s early in the morning. There’s my deer! I usually feed it some corn. Some cracked corn that I got for my chickens. Every morning…I come outside and let the hens out, and… it hears me, and comes over and waits by this little food bowl for me to give it some corn. What are you doin’ ? Yeah, I’m not jokin’ when I said I live out in the middle of nowhere. This is my backyard. Yeah. There’s its little blue food bowl. There’s another. See, there are my chickens. There’s my car. I think they’re starting to know that they’re safe here, and that they can trust me. One almost ate out of my hand the other day! One of these days! That’s my goal. Hello! Now it’s eatin’ cucumbers that I cut up and gave it. Hey guys! I have to go to a dermatologist appointment today. So, I thought I’d try out just vlogging a day in my life. And see what it’s like. And see if it’s super embarrassing, or if I can do it. Uh… Today I… go into… for my monthly Accutane visit, and I will be getting my prescription for my last month of Accutane. So I’m gonna have to get bloodwork and a pregnancy test and all that stuff. And then I have to go to the recycling place and recycle some plastic water bottles. And go to Walmart, and… I don’t know what else. ‘Cuz usually every time I’m out… I think of something else that I need to do that day. But anyway, yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do today. I’m gonna try this out. It’s just for practice. like… Just to see. So we’ll see. I hope it’s not, umm, completely boring. I’ll try. I’ll try to film inside places, but I don’t know if I’ll be too embarrassed to do that. There’s a WASP! So yeah… This is my outfit for today. My style varies a LOT from day to day. Over the past few years, I’ve really just gotten to where… I don’t care as much what people think. And I’m gonna wear what I like. I’m wearing a wig today and everything! I think it looks good, so… You should do what you like, right? I don’t dress like this every day. But this is what I felt like wearing today. Gotta check the mail on my way out. Let’s see… Ah! My package! We’ll look at those when we get home. ‘cuz I’m already gonna be late! *sigh* Guys, look what happened. I’ve been sweating so much that it messed up my makeup. I’m gonna have to fix that before I go in. *sigh* And yes! I’m listening to Justin Bieber! God, I’m gonna be so late. I still have to drop off my dog-children at my mom’s. So she can babysit them. She lives like literally across the street from the dermatologist though. I mean…LITERALLY. I usually just park my car there and walk across the street to it. I really needed to lint roll my clothes! I don’t know if I have time. I got 10 minutes to get there. It’s not happenin’. Hopefully I’m not too too late though. Huh! I’m there. I walked from my mom’s. I’m not that late. *sigh* I’m back in the room. I already… peed in a cup and got weighed. I still gotta get bloodwork. And then I’ll be done. And then I have to take my survey when I get home… And then I can pick up my prescription. I’m done now. I’m gonna walk back over to my mom’s. Looks like it’s gonna rain. I asked them if I could record them drawing my blood, and the woman gave me like the dirtiest look ever. She thought I was so weird. I’m at Walmart now. I gotta get a big ol’ bag of cat food, and maybe some food for me too. Well here we are in the big ol’ bag of cat food aisle. For cat ladies like me. I gave up and accepted my fate. Caught in the act! Can’t believe you just stole that grape. I’m buying some grapes. ‘Cuz I’m an honest human being! This is the recycling place. I was so scared when I first came here ‘cuz it just looks like a normal house… and I thought I was walking right into somebody’s…garage. (Me whispering) I wasn’t recording that WHOLE time! My mom: “You acted like you were.” That’s my laugh. I wasn’t even recording the whole time. That was like 5 MINUTES of not recording… and just holdin’ the camera up like I was. I’m home now. I’m about to change into something more comfortable, and take off my wig and everything. Watch ASC or Big Brother. That’s what’s on right now. *sigh* I know I shouldn’t lay down… then I’m not gonna wanna get up. But I’m so tired! It’s just like a tired, rainy day. I need to change though. For sure. And get this wig off. I changed now, into some comfortable clothes. It’s, like, raining really hard outside. And I’m so sleepy. And my package… that we picked up in the mail earlier. Why is this so hard to open?! Oh. It’s got, like, an easy-open thing at the top. These are huge! I got these knee pads for the..a dance I’m learning. Can you guess which one? Let’s see… how they look. Oh! Okay. Gosh! These are really tight! I hope they work. Let’s see. Let me put the other one on too. Why not? They’re so tight you guys! I think they’ll work. I might even wear these shorts for that dance cover. Yeah… I gotta take these off. I put my glasses in my mom’s purse, and then I forgot ’em. So now I have to use these old ones that only have one arm and are scratched really bad… so I can watch TV. I’m gonna eat some of these chips that I bought and watch Big Brother. I gotta do my survey to get my Accutane prescription. Every month I have to take this survey. I also have this little yellow card I have to take to the pharmacy to pick up my medicine. It has all of these… scary side effects on there from, uh, Accutane. *sigh* Apparently I have to restart it. It says something… There was a failure in creating an exam for you. Think it’s ‘cuz my internet is messing up because of the weather. Ugh, finally done! *sigh* I think I’m gonna take a nap. I still have to exercise, and… study… and do yoga, and take a shower, and make food… But I’m just, like, so tired! I barely got any sleep, and I don’t have TV now… ‘cuz of the weather. And I have no internet because of how bad the weather is! *sigh* This video has probably been so boring, and I’m sorry. It didn’t go as well as I…had hoped. But, I’ll try to get better over time. And you guys can help me by telling me what you’re interested in, and what you really don’t care to see. But do it in a nice way ‘cuz… I am kind of sensitive. I’m about to work out, but then I remembered something that I wanted to tell you. It’s really embarrassing. I went to the store the other day… well to a bunch of places, actually. And… I was just bein’ so much more social than usual. I even talked to like… There was a line of like 3 people in front of me, and I just talked to all of them at once. And… Same thing elsewhere. I was walking through the parking lot and said something to some old man. I was just being really… social. And I’m usually not. I usually go in there, get what I need to get, and leave. But… I guess I was in a good mood that day or something. Anyway, Ever since I’ve been on Accutane, and my skin’s not as bad, I’m not constantly looking in the mirror, to see if my makeup has messed up, and now you can see all my pimples through it. *sigh* And plus, when you’re on Accutane, your skin is so much drier that your makeup doesn’t get oily, and you don’t need to, like, touch it up or anything. So… I’d been runnin’ around all day. I get back out into the car, and look in the rearview mirror and… My eyelashes… I wear fake eyelashes most of the time ‘Cuz I… can’t stand to go without ’em now ‘cuz my own lashes are so lacking. But I look in… my fake eye… I look in the mirror an my fake eyelashes are like halfway off. It’s like pointing up, almost touching my eyebrow. *sigh* I was MORTIFIED! I have NO idea how long it was like that at all! Maybe it was like that the whole day, everywhere I went, everyone I talked to… Or maybe it had JUST gotten like that, and nobody saw. I really hope that’s the case. *sigh* But yeah, that was just so embarrassing. It’s like if you had, umm… something in your teeth all day, and then you look in the mirror, and you’re like “Oh my gosh!” “They probably were staring at that the whole time.” Or if like, if you tuck a dress into underwear or something, and you’re walkin’ around. So embarrassing! I keep thinking about it too. I’m still wondering “How long was it like that?!” “And was everybody staring at it like, ‘Look at this girl! She’s trying way too hard.’ ‘She’s a hot mess!’ or something.” Usually…I’ve been wearin’ fake eyelashes now for like… 3 years. And I’ve gotten pretty… pretty…good at it, to where… they’re… the corners aren’t popping up all the time like they used to. But, I guess every now and then you still have mishaps. There’s a weather alert on the TV now. It is a lot cooler, though. At least it’s not as hot as it has been. *sigh* I have to do INSANITY now. I really don’t want to. I’m tired. And it’s already really late. But, I’m still gonna do it. ‘Cuz that… You always have to make yourself do it. That’s why I put my hair up like this. Otherwise, I would have just left it in braids ‘cuz it looks better like that. My hair pretty much never looks good no matter what, but I think it looked better in braids. I used to ALWAYS wear two braids. Like, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY of my life in school. I used to have hair that went down to my hipbones, and I always wore it in two braids! That’s probably how everyone who knew me in my childhood remembers me… with two, really long braids. *sigh* I guess I’m just procrastinating right now because I don’t want to exercise. And also later, I get to have to fun of trying to edit this vlog on Windows Movie Maker, on a computer that is malfunctioning. But we’ll see how it goes. I’m gonna try to make this as good as possible. I know it’s probably a fail. I didn’t talk very much, and when I did I was awkward. But… it’s… It was really hard bein’ out in public. It’s much easier to do it here in my room. And even then, it’s still a little bit weird, talkin’ to a camera. Excuse me. And it’s still really hard to get your personality to show. And I always feel like, “Oh, I’m not funny enough. I’m not bein’ funny enough.”, but you can’t be funny every second of the day. I just hope… I say something funny every now and then, or that, at the very least, you’re not so bored… that you never wanna watch another one of my videos again. *sigh* Time to work out now. Ooh, let’s get a tea! (Both) OH!!!