good afternoon it was a freezing store
to the new year but the cold hands is now and more bearable temperatures are
on the course today with temperatures hovering way above these seasonal
averages but you know it’s that ultrafine dust again that will make us
want to stay inside those of us especially in western regions including
here in Seoul will be smarter than toxic smog meanwhile regions in the East will
have to deal with bullying dry conditions with a dry weather advisory
in place so be careful with anything that could cause a fire sunny to partly
cloudy skies will dominate the day and afternoon highs will range from 3 to 11
degrees Celsius across the country Chinchin getting up to 3 degrees
gyeongju table at 8 degrees this afternoon the weather looks calm and
promising for next few days no extreme cold for the next 5 days but do expect
some winter precipitation early next week that’s Korea for you and here’s the
International weather for viewers around the world