It’s AumSum Time. What if Wind suddenly Stopped? Wind might stop. But AumSum the great will never Stop. Stop it AumSum. Firstly, if there was no wind in heavily industrialized
places. Pollutants would not disperse, making the
air extremely toxic. Secondly, equators would get more hotter,
while poles would get more cooler. Why? Because in the absence of winds, heat at the
equator will not be carried to the poles. Thirdly, kite & sailing ship enthusiasts would
be extremely unhappy. As kites will suddenly fall down & sailing
ships would suddenly halt. Fourthly, birds would be very sad as they
will not be any free lift anymore. They will have to flap their wings all the
time. Fifthly, as winds are a major source of pollination. Without winds, plant life would greatly suffer. Sixthly, wind energy companies will not be
happy with this sudden change. Once plus point of winds stopping suddenly. Is that there will no more tornadoes & hurricanes.