This time on Vaan and Bibby, rainy
edition. A man leads us to the lettuce and meat. We make our home a little more
comfortable. We find the extensive weekend markets. It feels a little bit like
we just stumbled into an arms deal here We find more things to put in our mouths. And see a man peeing in close proximity. Just full dick. Peeing. Well it’s a rainy day as it often is
here. So we decided to search for things you can do on a rainy day. Of
course you could just stay home and watch Netflix, and that’s respectable,
because our legs are more keen on a good episode of Ozark today than anything but, instead we decided to come here to the National Palace Museum. Which is just one
of the things we’re gonna do today. It’s indoors and museum’s are cool. Today’s 90 percent chance of rain all day and so far that’s accurate, so
it wasn’t a day where I was like “Oh it might rain in the afternoon.” All day is rainy so
we thought let’s just find some rainy day things to do in Taiwan. Also it’s pretty much always gonna rain in Taiwan so there’s no “What should I
do on a rainy day?” like you really should just do whatever you would normally do
and walk around with an umbrella. And also, big shout out to Daniel! Daniel walked us
all the way from the bus stop to here we don’t know him he just saw us on the
street we look like tourists and he’s like “I’ll show you” and he brought us here.
He said “I’ll walk you, shortcut” Thanks Daniel Check out the view here. All right let’s go inside I’m getting
wet. The museum was super cool and for the price it’s hard to beat. The
surrounding area alone is worth seeing, even if museums aren’t really your thing. It
had all the classic things you’d expect to see: clay pots, musical instruments,
statues and paintings. The whole spread! I like my museums like I like my movies.
I’m here for the polarities, the good and the bad.
I want my sunshine, beaches and bikinis to be fraught with peril, machine guns
and drug abuse. Look they invented QR codes way back. This is my spirit animal. Looks like a dog with rabies like he’s
gonna start his on the apocalypse. No He’s gonna spread some disease. Look at him! The pig is like “Why did you put me with him?” Look how happy he is! He’s just misunderstood. This place however showed us an optimistic view of history. Carefully crafted ivory pieces and water paintings are profound and beautiful but
where were the pillars of suffering and sacrifice that every country is built on?
The people here are happy. Happier than our Canadian definition. I want to know
who suffered to make it this way. Maybe the sacrifice is happening now and the Museum of the future will show it. I can wait. It’s getting serious in here now! Yeah, everyone’s obsessed with jade apparently. People are just like clamouring! It’s nuts!
This is not exactly the most peaceful place. The main attractions here were definitely the
lettuce and meat stones. This initially seemed ridiculous but we were pleasantly
surprised by how intricate and detailed these pieces were. But, to give you an
idea of the museum as a whole, the highlight for many was a couple of rocks
that looked like food…just saying. The lockers were pretty sweet though! They
were pieces of art in themselves. So the museum was cool. The crowds were starting to show signs of being like Walmart on Black Friday so we decided to leave. Plus
we’re getting hungry. So now we’re gonna go check out the garden on our way to find
food. And do the next activity that you can do on a rainy day. This garden is quite nice actually. It’s really relaxing. You know what, you
could come here on a sunny day because you might get air conditioning inside
the museum and it might be a little less busy. We were just walking to our next
bus stop so that we can get to the weekend flower market and we came across this cool garden, check this out. There’s so many gardens everywhere in Taiwan. If it’s raining, sandals are probably your best bet. I like shoes but that means I have to keep a dry pair of socks in my
backpack. Everyone has their own way of dealing
with the rain. A quick bus ride brought us to the holiday flower market. Okay, we found the flower market, underneath this bridge. Over there is the jade market. Here’s the flower place. We’re hoping to find a bonsai tree. We were blown away by
how vast and plentiful this flower market was. There were unique species of
any kind of plant imaginable. Adorable cacti, handpicked flowers, even sad cats
for adoption. I have found a new respect for these
flower market vendors. Some spend years nursing bonsais to be the perfect shape
and some handcraft amazing pieces out of plants, moss and any object that inspires
them. This is nuts! It’s huge! I did not expect it to have so much
stuff. I know, it’s literally like further than you could see. Like it’s on the
other side of the curvature of the earth, that’s how far this thing goes. We’re still hunting
for a bonsai but we’ve seen like 800 of them. Yeah we’re just trying
to choose the best value really. Everybody…meet Barnabas the Bonsai! So cute! We found him! This is our pet now. Along with the 7 other plants we got.
Yeah, they’re just little cacti and flowers that don’t need much water. They’re so cheap and and they get watered once every two weeks so that’s a perfect pet. Okay, we’re gonna go over to show you
guys the Jade place but we’re not gonna stay long, we’re not gonna buy anything. Feels a little bit like we just stumbled
into an arms deal here. It’s like the slightest bit weird. The problem is that we see a lot of things
that we want so now we’re trying to get the hell out
of here. Like that for example. Well we got out unscathed. We didn’t buy
anything. I’m almost got earrings and I stopped myself. It was tough! The sacrifices we make for this YouTube channel. Well if it’s still raining out and you managed to not spend all of your liquidateable assets on jade and plants, there’s a whole ton of
other things you can do while it’s raining in Taipei. For example, you can go
to the Taipei 101 tower. You can go to ATT 4 Fun which is right near 101. It
has a bunch of stores like Forever 21, Pull and Bear, all your typical
clothing stores. Yeah, it also has a movie theater and the movies are in English
they’re just subtitled in Chinese. You can also go to coffee shops, Taipei is
really big on coffee. There’s a huge coffee culture here. And tea! You can go to a tea house. Also there’s a whole ton of underground
and above-ground shopping malls that are really cheap. Some have knockoff
clothing, electronics, whatever you can think of there’s a mall dedicated to it.
And we’re gonna go try and find one right now. Do a quick search on Google
for cheap shopping in Taipei and you will inevitably see East Metro mall. It’s
right in the MRT station so if you’re made of sugar you don’t have to go
outside in the rain. It has live music and a swath of stores that are sure to
capture your interest but it wasn’t quite what we were looking for. Instead, we went to the Longshan temple underground shopping Bazaar. However, our moral compasses did quiver a little bit at the thought of a temple, an
underground shopping Bazaar and an army of homeless people all within the same
small area. The clown who put all these balloons together was on another
level of clowning! Look at this! We’ve come outside and there’s the
actual temple. Entering the Longshan temple brings an
immediate sense of peace and serenity. Locals were praying, lighting incense and
providing donations for ghost month. You couldn’t help but feel spiritual in this
awe-inspiring setting. After a long day of walking a ton and trudging through
the rain, the temple provided a sense of calm and happiness. Well the temple was cool and it’s no
longer raining and there’s a night market right here so we’re obviously
gonna go check it out. Plus we’re hungry so we might as well
get dinner there before we head home. We of course got lost and intrigued by all
the food and shops in this night market, with its huge variety of yummy eats and
cheap decor. If we weren’t such zombies by this point we would have spent hours
exploring. I’m feeling like I need to eat some kind of meat, perhaps of the fried kind.
Like fried chicken? Or would it be too much to ask if it was
wrapped in a pepper bun? We came in here for a quick bite to eat but then 30 minutes later we found ourselves like appraising little trinkets made out of
clay and then we were like “Wait, no, we have to get food.” We need to go home, it’s a Sunday night. So we found this lady making those Taiwanese pancake things. The most efficient human in the
world and probably the greatest whack-a-mole player in all of
history. So now we have that and we’re
gonna race over and get those peanut, cilantro, vanilla ice cream things.
A collision of flavors so stupid that it just might work.
Shaved peanut brittle, ice cream and cilantro all rolled into a delicious
wrap of some kind is sure to win your affection. Don’t be silly and get one without the cilantro. Mmm! Really different but really good! Wow!
That’s so weird yet it’s so delicious! I know, the mix is so weird but so
good! You don’t expect the cilantro to be good but it’s actually good. I
wouldn’t want it without the cilantro now. There’s nothing like a dude
peeing right behind you while you enjoy your snack. That was weird.
I turned around and it’s just full dick, peeing! It was weird.
I didn’t see it but I’m glad I didn’t. Oh! I didn’t see you there..I was just..uh.. just trimming my bonsai
tree. If you know what I mean… You know what I mean? I’ll introduce you!
This one’s Barnabas the bonsai. Pretty cool new pet. And this one we called Barack O’Bonsai. A guy showed us one of these bonsai trees and it took it 6 years to get to that size. This one’s still young it’s not ready to have its wire pulled off of it because it’s still being shaped by the wire. But six
years! Yeah, some of the bonsai trees are so expensive because they’re so
intricate and well groomed Yeah like rare species and it’s
just crazy. And also, the people that were selling them it was their
life’s work, just working on these bonsai’s just carefully grooming them and
like bending them in all these different shapes and splicing species and stuff.
Anyway, pretty cool! They’re not quite the cats or dogs that we used to have but
they’re pets no less! It makes it feel more homey. It’s nice to have
decorations. Yeah. All right we’re going to bed. We walked about 14
kilometers. Yes and we have to work in the morning. Alright! Here’s two more last-minute ideas to keep you
from melting in the rain! You might want to hit up the National Cultural and
Creative Gift Center which is full of handmade knickknacks, heavily inspired by
the things inside the museum. If you want your very own lettuce to bring home, this
is the place! Everything’s reasonably priced and very
interesting. It’s worth a quick look before you head home. And lastly, you can
check out the Eslite Xinyi bookstore. A six story building containing…well…books
as promised, but all kinds of other things. Like electronics, jewelry, clothing,
bags, toys and so much more. On the top floor there are restaurants sure to suit
your budget…if you’re a millionaire. Remember Taiwan is an island and rain is
just a part of life so plan for it and go about your day like any other day.
Unless there’s a typhoon then maybe don’t go anywhere.