it feels like we are going to Busan or Jeju or something like that I just got Park right at the airport and we are on a mission to find out what
is there to do in Taipei when it rains like this that’s crazy are you taking pictures of the rain? Park wants to go Tamsui no Tamsui at this weather this is said to be the biggest rainfall in 47 years in Taiwan and it’s seriously crazy we now have to somehow find our
entertainment in this rain here? yea hello there
you have a reservation? no sure
what would you like to do? that is a very interesting clothes that we
have to change into I feel like the best part was like when I
almost fell asleep Oh really? I felt like his massage became
part of like I don’t feel it anymore and that was the best time Lungshan Temple Lungshan Temple
Where does it Ah here here Lungshan is here I want a picture okay I see Park lining up for the god of
marriage if the direction is
one this side up like that then the answer is yes so the answer is yes yeah
what did you ask? they are all the same
kind of yea they are both good fortune
and money and let’s see what about health? here is your change thank you hi 3 persons one of their wishes coming to Taiwan is to get a hair wash because apparently it’s something really
different compared to the ones in Korea all right this is the legendary shoulder
massage that you’re all wishing for yea I always wanted to do this never had this kind of service wow thanks DARLI DARLI is there another flavor?
yea over there I want to get this
what the hell what? you want to buy this?
Oh my god it’s just Dove is this okay? you guys have floss though right? but it is
how much is this? NT$90? yea almost $3.00
oh it’s so cheap can I try?
yea use toothpick Park wants to try spicy ramen how is it? it tastes like… something Kim, what did you say about Taipei Main Station? very neat, everything is so organized oh in Taiwan? yep very impressive