Hey there, I’m Evelyn and I’m Sabrina,
and we’re coming to you from the living room of the Discovery Beach House in Manuel
Antonio, Costa Rica. And welcome to our FAQ, our Frequently Asked
Questions. So today, Michelle Machete from Bluefield,
West Virginia, wants to know what the best time of the year is to visit. So, I want to turn it over to Sabrina, our
Concierge. Well, there’s actually no wrong time to
visit. Any time is the best time to visit. We have, depending on what you’re looking for. Rainy season is wonderful because everything
is lush, there’s less people, you get your discounts, and you still get your beautiful
days in the early mornings and early afternoons. Then there is the dry season, which happens
to be between December and April. That is when you can pretty much plan on wonderful
sunsets, hot weather, lots of wonderful things to do, morning, day, and night. So, yeah, no, I, I love both seasons. The dry season will be a little bit more crowded
because most people will come here. Harder to find discounts during the dry season. Right and it’s just beautiful all year round. It really is. There is no bad time to come visit. Those of us who live here love the rainy season. So, thank you so much Michelle Machete for
your excellent question and we’ll see you in the next FAQ. Thanks a lot. Bye bye.