Can I take a wild guess? You’re a homeowner
who wants to save money on electricity costs, right? I’m right aren’t I? Here’s my next guess: you’re probably also wondering when’s
the best time to go solar. Well let me tell you – the best time is
right now. And let me explain why. If you’re like
homeowners who haven’t gone solar yet, you’ve been overpaying your utility company
since, well, before you can remember. Every time the rates go up… too bad. Just
keep paying. It’s not like you had a choice, right? Well you do now. You can lock in a surprisingly low
electricity rate by going solar Sunrun. Then the next time utility rates rise? You’re
laughing all the way to the bank. Another reason to go solar with Surun: we
take care of everything. We design, install, and maintain your system
the entire time. We also guarantee your energy production
for savings you can count on. You get a worry-free system – just enjoy
the savings. Finally, you won’t be killing the planet.
Okay, that’s slightly dramatic for effect, but seriously, old school electricity is created
by belching out greenhouse gases that pose a serious threat to our environment. With solar – none of that smokestack-y stuff. You can help create a planet run by
beautifully clean energy from the sun. Why do you think Americans are installing new
solar panels every three minutes? They now know that solar electricity is
clean, renewable, good for your wallet, and for the planet.
And now you know too. Ready to start saving with Sunrun solar?
Give us a call or visit today for a free quote.