The first time that I seen the windmills I
thought they was so big and they just drawed my interest to them and I started looking
online and I seen how they were placed and put up. I come to work here in March and I
was telling my husband so much good things about it, I kept saying, you ought to come
to work here, you ought to come to work here. So I got him to apply, and he started about
5-6 weeks after I did. I love my job, it’s great to work here you get to be inside and
get to come outside in the nice sun. I’ll be asked several times, you work at Broadwind?
how do you apply, how do you go to work there because you know people want to come to work
here because they know that we have great pay, great benefits, it’s a stable industry
it’s just growing constantly, I’m sure that there’s been a lot of people that’s heard
that it’s just a great place to work.