– [Narrator] Welcome in
to another episode of The Bass Pro Shops’
Fisherman’s Handbook. Today we’re going to focus
on one of mother nature’s fiercest element’s, the wind. Wind dictates a wide variety
of factors for an angler. From determining it’s
safe to be out on the lake to which baits can be
fished effectively. And even deciding what exact
area of the lake to fish. There’s a lot to consider
when fishing in the wind. On today’s show we’ll
break this down in depth and show just how great
the fishing can be when windy conditions
set in. (upbeat music) – Yeah, I think when I look back when I first started fishing
I kinda ran from the wind, and by that I mean I didn’t
wanna fight the wind. I wanted to get outta
the wind all the time. And certainly there are times
when getting outta the wind is going to pay off and
help you catch fish, but if you’re in that situation
and you get outta the wind and you’re not catching any
fish, not getting any bites go to where the wind’s
blowing in on some points, blowing in or down some
areas and see if it doesn’t help you get a few bites or
generate some action for you. – There’s one of them. – Good. Not a bad fish. – Not a bad one, all
of them are good. He tweaked down
on it pretty good. About the size of the other one. I’m gonna try and get him
in and getcha a double after on the same spot. – I was trying. – I woulda too. – It’s a pretty fat one too. – Healthy. I mean, he’s right on
the edge of that grass. I felt something. He just crushed it. – A lot of times the way
the wind, you know wind, people don’t like
wind all that much, but it’ll sure make
fish bite better. We got on a windy shoreline
it may make a difference. – I like the wind, I’ve
always been a big fan using the wind to my
advantage, you know. For anything, fishing a
point, fishing a flat, positioning your boat. If you look at that, I mean that’s just
almost a perfect picture. – Yeah. – Read the book, sat at the
end of a point little grass. – You know the thing about
fishing in the wind is is you got to let the wind
and use it to your advantage. What I mean by that is, is
when you get in the wind don’t try to fight
it, try to go with it. If you’re fishing
flats or beds of grass or rocky shorelines I’d
say go with the wind. Use the wind to your advantage. Don’t get out
there and fight it. – I mean when you
see a bank like this, what’s the first thing with
the wind blowing in on it, what’s the first thing
you’re gonna dissect, or how are you gonna dissect? – Well the first thing I
wanna know is, is there grass? And so if there’s grass
that tells me, and usually, when I talk about
grass, you know, especially the time of year
we’re fishing right now, more or less pre spawn
or in the spring, over the top of the grass
is what I’m looking for. So, we’re gonna use
the wind and fish baits that we can fish fast
and over the top of it. Make a pass down this,
yeah, it’s not to say if we catch a bunch we
won’t come back down it. The wind may just go down
it and keep on going. – Got him? – No. – He’s going on this side. He ain’t going another way. The fish seem so strong when
the water temperature’s 55, 58. – Oh, they pull. – (laughter) They just tug this
time of the year don’t they? Get up here buddy. That was awesome. The pattern just continues. Around that wind, they edging. We’re not getting flurries
and bites in one spot like you can often find when
you’re trying bait fishing, they’re differently. Biting when we get around them. Just gotta unhook there. That’s just a good solid
little large mouth bass. On a windy day. Why do you think people
are scared of fishing windier spots like this, Clark? Just the boat positioning,
the nerves, or? – I think it’s boat control. I think boat control
is, is just hard to control your boat, but the
key of fishing in the wind, the biggest piece of advice
I could give anybody is don’t fight it, go with it. – Go with it. – Go with it, you’re
not gonna fish slow on a day like today very easily. So if you just can say okay,
well there’s a big grass bed, I’m just gonna float down it. Then it’s easy, you’re
just floating down it. You can always run
back and do it again. So it’s not like you have to
sit there and go into the wind. I see people all the
time fighting that wind, fighting that wind. You know, to me, blow with it. – Yeah, I don’t wanna fight it, I want it to work with
me, not against me. – [Narrator] Time now
for our first break, but when The Bass Pro Shops’
Fisherman’s Handbook continues, Wade and Clark keep treating
the wind as their friend. The fish are setup just
right and the bite is on. Stay tuned for more great
fish catching action. – [Narrator] The Fisherman’s
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reliability starts here. Wind can often be
seen as a deterrent, whether it’s difficulty
with boat positioning or trouble casting, wind can create plenty
of headaches for anglers. But combine wind with
the right conditions and a little bit of patience and the results can
be extraordinary. – I just love fishing on
days like this, though. I just, I don’t know,
something about it. – Well I’ll tell ya
what I think it is, because I think there’s
something about it too. I love bad weather
days the most, because I feel like everybody else
is probably staying inside. – I agree. – Because I can come out here and have the whole
place to myself. – I agree. – And they’re usually biting. – Yes. – And that kinda
makes it even better. – I agree. I mean, I wanna be on the
water on a day like this. I just, I love it. – You got that
steam kinda blowing, the fog coming through, I mean. – I feel like I can
catch a 10 pounder at any cast, on any lake. There’s just something about it. I feel like everything’s alive. This looks like a
better one here. Same thing. – Oh, that is a better one. – That is a good one. – I have to get us a picture. Golly. – I guess I’m gonna
grab him for ya. – Yeah, that’s a pretty
good one, right there. You’re fighting wind when
you’re getting bites like that. How can you not fight
the wind? (upbeat music) Pretty good one, there. – That’s a real good one. – Thank you, sir. – Look at that, get closer. – On the pause. – Was it? – Yeah, on the pause. And I mean he knocked five feet
of slack in when he did it. Thank you, sir. Rusty you mind getting us
a picture? (upbeat music) That’s a good fish right there. It kinda sounds
like a broken record when you keep talking about
the wind, but I mean it’s, a lot of people won’t
get out and fight this much wind and
waves on a bank. I think that’s a mistake,
don’t you, Clark? – Yeah, I mean I think it’s
always, it’s something to try. Things aren’t going that
well for you on a lake, or they’re not biting
that good or whatever, sometimes you go to a windy bank and you’ll get more of those
aggressive kinda bites. – Yeah, I agree. I like aggressive bites. – Aggressive bites are good. – I know you do. (laughter) We’ve never been ones
to shy from that. You know, one thing that I
have found in bass fishing, you’ll notice it, we made it
with 10, 20 rides on our day, but there’s always seems to
be one way that we gravitate towards to catch them a lot of
times for a specific period. And that may change
as the day goes on, but when you get it
dialed in a little bit that the fish are biting
on one specific bait, at one specific depth
with a similar retrieve, there’s a period during
that time when you’re in some type of similar water you
can really catch alotta fish. – Good? – I think so. Yup. You called that one. You wanna grab
the troller motor? – I can’t. – I think we wanna sit
there for a second. That’s fishing in the wind
though, you look at it, I mean we’re trying to both
keep the boat right here. We might be able to
catch another one. Wind’s blowing in. The wind is your friend
statement right there. It’s such a funny bite when
you’re out doing this, though. Sometimes you’re not
even sure you got one. – Right. – He just kinda loaded up on it. I mean I know that you love to
fish fast and fish aggressive and you use the conditions to
your advantage all the time. You really have your
whole career, Clark. – Well, I’ve always liked
move and fishing fast, getting to the next fish,
fishing more aggressive. And, you know, it’s
a different style, but a lot of times
the easiest fish, that’s the easiest
fish to catch. The one that’s the
most aggressive is putting your bait in front
of and it’s worked for me. I enjoy fishing that way. – Yeah, I love
the wind and move. It’s almost like
you’re being aggressive and taking the
fight to the fish. – To the fish, right. – You know, it’s you
going against them, but I’m not against
sitting out there deep and going at the same spot when
I find a big school of food. – And I think really kinda
whatcha gotta look at is, what’s the best for
the situation you have? Well a day like today, you
gotta fish the conditions, I mean, we can’t just sit
there, it’s just too hard. – I mean you can
see the whitecaps. – Yeah, so we’re gonna use
the wind to our advantage and we’re gonna get some bites. – Yeah, well, I’ll take
bites all day long. Golly, that sucker jumped. That thing jumped
like a small mouth. – Oh, he did, he jumped high. – He jumped again. He jumped again, and again. Sucker, he just likes to jump. – He gonna fit? – Yeah, he’s been caught before. Come here buddy. Man. You’d a been caught
before, I see hook marks. What about catch and release? He put on a show there. I thought he was a big
small mouth jumping there. That fish there, I mean
we’re still out here in all this wind blowing
around like crazy. And, he bit it on the pause. Way back there. – That’s cool. – I mean it goes back
to what we’re saying, you’re just taking
advantage of the wind. – You just gotta fish
the conditions and let whatever the conditions
tell you to fish. And so, right now, we may
love to go up to Flip Breeze, but in this, on a stretch
like this, it’s just- – You can’t do it. – It’s tough, so we’re
getting out in the grass and just fishing it
and it’s working. – Look what’s in front of you. – That’s exactly right. – [Narrator] Coming up
after this short break we continue talking
about fishing in the wind and having the right gear to
set yourself up for success. Don’t go away,
we’ll be right back. The Fisherman’s Handbook is
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legends, one at a time. Big Bite Baits, designed to
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to guarantee your confidence. And by Engel, the original
high performance cooler. Welcome back to the
Fisherman’s Handbook. On today’s show the conditions
have setup just right to load the boat with
bass on crank baits and other moving baits. By fishing these reaction style
baits along wind blown banks it’s not uncommon to get a
variety of quality bites. – Get it around the
edge of the deal there, come here buddy, I’m just
gonna boat suck you in. Too big, we both flipping
on the crank bait. Golly, that tank right there. That’s what you wanna
have happen right there. He bit it right out there,
on the pause again, Clark. – Okay. – Right where that
wind’s coming in. That’s so cool. – It’s a good fish. – Yeah, all these fish
that we’ve caught today have been good. I mean you got some good ones
early on, missed a giant flip and that’s got us spun out
where we keep going in there, but you’re getting bites
like that for both of us on a crank bait,
lake’s pretty fun. Get back here and do it again. Now catch your line in one spot. That’s kind of an
intriguing deal. – Yeah, just cover the
water and I’d really say the key to the whole
thing is just fishing the conditions as you go. It’s not a flipping day. – No, no. – It’s bad weather. – You’d think they’d
be chasing, you know. So far, what bites we’ve
had we’ve pretty much looked at that and dialed it in. You know, when you look
at a bank like this, the wind’s blowing in on it, a lot of people would get
kinda frustrated fishing it, but that can open up
a lot of opportunities for different bait
presentations. – Yeah, I lick my chops
on something like this, because what basically happens
is you can’t fish slow baits as good, that’s a for sure. But you gotta just take the
situation whatever it gives ya. And when wind’s
blowing in on stretch, you got the opportunity
to throw moving baits, the kinda baits that
you and I like to fish. There’s a whole bunch
of them, spinner bait, vibrating gig, swim gig,
swim bait, crank bait. I mean you can do just
about anything, and so, we’re gonna come across this,
through this bank right here, and use this wind
to our advantage. – [Narrator] On top of
having the right baits, line and tackle, to fish effectively
in the wind, it’s paramount to have the right
gear and outerwear to withstand the
elements as well. – You know gearing up
for fishing in any day, if you look in the back of my
boat, I’m always gonna have a set of guidewear in there. I’m gonna have a lightweight
set and a lot of times a heavy duty set, based
on the conditions. And I might go in and outta them at different times of the day,
based on I might be running across the lake, fighting
heavy wind and chop. I might be dealing with
fronts coming in, rainy days. I just like to be
prepared for that, because that really
makes a day of fishing a lot more enjoyable if
you can be comfortable. – As far as my outer layer goes, I’m using Cabela’s Guidewear. Cabela’s Guidewear right now
is the perfect weight for me. If it’s a warm day I feel like
it’s as good as it can be. If it’s a cold day, it’s
totally gonna keep the wind out, I’m not gonna get any water
coming down through your neck. That’s always the place that
you get wet the easiest, it’s coming down through
your neck, coming down and then your whole
body gets wet. Guidewear has got the hood, and the way the hood design
is perfect right now. – I love to find a
set of good guidewear that’s got a good
collar, a good cuff on it so that it’s really
tight around my wrist. I don’t want that slipping, I don’t want water
getting in there. I don’t want a big bulging top
up here where water gets in on top, because that really
tends to happen a lot of times when you’re out fishing. I just want it to be nice and
durable for those conditions, because really when you’re
talking about buying a good set of outerwear that’s gonna
last you for awhile, you want something
that’s well built. – [Narrator] And next
on The Bass Proshops Fisherman’s Handbook
we head to the bank. Wind can be your friend, but
sometimes you need a break from the harsh conditions,
for just a little bit. When we return, Wade and Clark
move into a protected area and find instant success.
(upbeat instrumental music) The Fisherman’s Handbook is
brought to you in part by Sawyer Products, we
keep you outdoors. Secret Lures, the secret is out. And by Spro, sports
professionals. The focus on today’s show
has been fishing in the wind. However, after a long
day of fighting the wind, an angler may need a break
on the trolling motor. In the right scenario
pushing up shallow into a protective pocket can
prove to be a wise decision. – Got him. Get outta there. Well, finally you
got a bite flipping. You know I had that one
right at the first today, it was a good one. This one hit it and it was
suspended, but there’s no other bait you can flip
fishing this right here. – No. – You can’t, if you can
crank it on the outside you’re never gonna get a
bite, you gotta get up in it. Not a great big
one, but it was fun. – Well, you know we’ve
been fighting the wind all morning long out there,
and now we kinda eased in to a little side of it, and
you’re like I’m gonna flip. You couldn’t of done
it on the other spots. – No, that’s true. – You gotta fish
what’s in front of you. – And the conditions it
hands, so that was calm. – [Narrator] The wind
plays a huge role in how fish will position. Not only that, it also
forces an angler’s hand in regards to where
and how they can fish a specific body of water. When the stars align,
fishing in the wind is a very productive pattern. And most importantly it’s fun for an angler as
well to just chuck and wind. – You know a lot of those fish
today when they would bite, we’re fishing
shallow grass flats, water temperature’s
about 57, 58 degrees. They haven’t moved
into the reeds. We kept thinking they’re
gonna move in the reeds, they’re moving into the reeds because the reeds are
where they’re gonna spawn. What this lake has is
reeds all the way around it and then grass out
from the reeds. But those fish at
57, 56, 58 degrees, they’re sitting
out in that grass. Well you can’t
just reel any bait, it’s a little bit
trial and error. The bait that worked the
best for us was a crank bait. And a lot of times we
would either jerk it free from some grass
or we’d pause it, and that’s when
you get that bite. Something has to
make that fish bite. It’s a reaction bite
and that would do it. – There he is, got him. – That’s a good one,
he choked on it. – He choked on it too. Come here, buddy. Oh, got away. – Yup, that didn’t count. – That’s all right, I got
the enjoyment of the bite, just the thrill of the victory. – And you didn’t land
the fish. (laughter) – I got the
enjoyment. (Laughter) – I had one hit it right there,
I hit a carp or something. – Awe man he crushed it. You know it’s just like my luck, we’ve been talking about on
the wind all day, it’s kabam. You get the wind and seems
like you get a chance at it. (gentle instrumental music) – [Narrator] Thanks for
watching this episode of The Fisherman’s Handbook. This has been a
Careco TV production. (dramatic sound)