Alina Kiziyarova Evgeniy Pronin Ekaterina Volkova Konstantin Strelnikov Ilya Sokolovskiy Nina Antonova Dmitriy Smirnov Ekaterina Kabak Written by Natalia Afinogenova,
Nikolay Mikhailov & Evgeniy Grigorenko Production director Nikolay Mikhailov Music by Timur Polyanskiy Sound producer Egor Irodov Producers Larisa
Zhuravskaya & Vlad Ryashyn Wind in the Face Episode 4 Hello! Come in, please. One moment. Where is my passport? – It’s in the drawer under the TV set.
– Thanks. Here you are!
Do I have to sign something? – Hello!
– Hi! – I’d like to see Maxim.
– He’s at work. He said he would dine at home. He always says so, but
he’s always late from work. Yeah. I brought you some ointment.
Maxim told me you’ve got problem with joints. This should help. My goodness! Thank you so
much! You must be Sveta. Did he tell you about me? – Yes.
– Of course! Please, come in! Thank you, I just
dropped by for a minute. No, we can’t let you go
without a good dinner! Please come in. Max, come look at this! Dina Chaykina is
already in the database. Someone is looking
for her since 8 months. – Who’s looking for her?
– Veresov Grigoriy Alexeevich. – What?
– Do you know him? I’ve been looking for
him since a few days. Oh really? Veresov Grigoriy
Alexeevich was born in 1973. This is the answer to my
request. It came in yesterday. Why didn’t you tell me? Excuse me, Max. I was
way too busy with work. Graduated law school magna cum laude. – Did he indicate his telephone number?
– He did. Write it down for me. He worked as a major case investigator. He was fired and forbidden to
hold any office in law enforcement. Thank you. Veresov, Grigoriy Alexeevich? Hello. It’s captain Korenev, police. Good work, old school. Yes, I’ve got it from my mother,
who got it from my grandma. – 6.4 grams. 8960 rubles.
– How much? Do you want it or not? – Yes.
– Your passport, please. – Passport?
– Yes. Can we make do without it?
I left it at home. We’re very strict about it.
How will I know it’s not stolen? No, it’s my chain. Please.
We need money so much. All right. I will try
to help you. One minute. Lieutenant Zubov? Hello.
It’s Prokhorov from the pawn-shop. – Captain Korenev? Did you find Dina?
– Not yet. – I was hoping… How could I let her go?
– 8 months ago? Why? You saw my notification? No, she had to come
from Yasmino yesterday. I’ve been looking for her
between the train and bus station. I missed one train and didn’t meet her. So the information that you may know
about Dina’s whereabouts was true. – Who gave you this information?
– Alla Martynova. What else did Martynova tell you? – I know that you’re former investigator.
– Yes. I know you were classmates
with Alla Martynova, and also with Marina Chaykina. You were friends, right?
And then something happened. Would you tell me what happened? It’s a long story, and
it doesn’t matter now. Let’s get back to Dina. Do you know that Alla
Valerievna is currently on trial? – What for?
– Evasion of taxes in especially big amount. It’s nonsense. Alla may be
rude and cranky, but she’s also very cautious; she wouldn’t
play games with the state. People change.
What do you know about Dina? So you wanted to sell gold, but
you don’t have any documents — neither on you, nor on the baby. They were stolen. I couldn’t
register the boy when he was born. Don’t tell me those tales.
If your passport was stolen you should have let us know. You would have been issued
a passport long time ago. I’m going to call the foster
care guys, they will take care of the child until we find
out what really happened. What… what are you saying?
Please, don’t take my child away! – Let us go.
– What if it is not your child? – What if you have stolen him?
– It’s my son. Even if so, you’re not a good mother. I’ll draw up a protocol. Don’t cry here! My god… This is all I’ve got. What is this? Have you lost your mind? Take it back right away!
Take back this rubbish! Okay, okay. Look at you! May I make a call? Hello? What? I’m on my way!
It’s Dina, let’s go! Dina is my daughter. I didn’t know that Marina
Chaykina was pregnant. I didn’t know she had a baby. Alla and I were going to
get married, but we broke up. To make me suffer she
got with another guy, and I had an affair with Marina. I didn’t know she was in love with me. We spent a night together. Alla found
out and moved to Moscow right away. She married another guy.
I also mowed far away, hoping to forget. But a year ago I
discovered I had a daughter. – Why didn’t you tell Dina?
– She hates and disgusts her dad, who left her pregnant mother alone. Captain, you go alone.
Don’t tell her about me. Are you out of your mind, lieutenant? Why are you smoking in
the presence of a baby? Citizeness Chaykina is a witness
in a criminal investigation. I hope you won’t interfere? I don’t care. Take your witness with you,
I don’t need this headache. The foster care guys
are pain in the neck. Great. Give her back
the retrieved property. Okay. Let me take him outside
for a fresh breath. Right? Citizeness Chaykina?
Citizeness Chaykina! Please, put your signature here. Where did you learn to
tune with kids so well? My elder sister has got 3 of them. Is everything all right? – Yes.
– Good then. He’ll be taken to a foster home now? Excuse me? I will be deprived
of the parental rights, won’t I? What are you talking about, Dina? Maxim, please understand,
I didn’t want to shoot her. I just tried to take away the
gun. I didn’t mean to kill her! – Do you understand?
– Who did you kill? – Alla Martynova.
– Martynova is safe and sound! She’s currently on trial for crime. What? – Get in the car.
– I… Oh my God! Dina, what’s up with you? Dina… Come in! Mom, dad, I’m home! Get undressed. Hello son! – Hi!
– Hello! Good evening. These are Dina and Anton.
They will stay with us. – Please come in.
– Sure. – Hi!
– Hi! Black tea, please. How are Dina and Anton? Can I help with anything? Everything is fine. Anton
lives in my father’s office. Thank you. Max, I need to see Alla. Can you help? – It’s difficult.
– I understand. I need information about
her business partners. I’ve got an idea as
to how to get her out. Grigoriy, it’s practically impossible. Max, figure out something, please. Okay, I will think about it. And you should think about
what to tell your daughter. – She’ll be here soon.
– Here? No, I can’t do it. I didn’t tell her anything.
You should have an open talk. What will I say? That she was born as a result of a
short-lived affair with a woman I didn’t love? I can’t say it. – Hi!
– Hi! Thank you for the stroller. – I hope you like it?
– Yes we do. But you shouldn’t have. I’m very selfish. I thought
you wouldn’t come on a date with a baby on your hands. Are we on a date? Well… yes we are! Maxim, where are you? Maxim! Stop it! Maxim! Anton! Anton! You my darling! – Hi!
– Good evening! It is a good evening, indeed. – What is this?
– Take a look. Come here! – How did you do it?
– I have a good friend. Thank you. I will go to the
registry office tomorrow. He will be issued a
birth certificate, right? Do you hear me? Son, Sveta is here. I brought an apple pie for dinner. Dina? You found her? Why didn’t you tell? Where have you been, and
what are you doing here? I will explain you later. It’s my child. You lied that you had an abortion. It happened so. Okay, let’s have some tea. I will put Anton to sleep. Thank you. Okay. Maxim, let’s go drink some tea. No, I’ve got a night shift. Let’s go! I see… I’m not sure, Andrey.
I’m appalled with Maxim’s behavior. Olya, Dina is a nice girl,
and she’s got a lovely baby. Yes, but it’s not his child!
Why taking on someone else’s problem? Sveta is a wonderful girl: smart,
thrifty, independent and beautiful! Olya, don’t interfere! I’ve got nothing against Dina,
but her presence may spoil the relationships of Sveta and Maxim. Olya, enough! Get in! Go take a breath. You’ve got 10 minutes. You’re the only one who
asked for a meeting with me. No one else did. – How are you?
– Better than anyone. Did you bring the lemon wedges? – Remembered?
– I didn’t forget anything. – Did you find Dina?
– Yes. She’s got a son, Anton. Did you tell her? I couldn’t. It’s a shame. It is. Everything is so stupid. It could have been different if
you didn’t go mental and flee away. That’s how you call it? I couldn’t believe you betrayed
me with the best friend. I was also pregnant,
and I had an abortion! And now I can’t have children! Why didn’t you tell me anything? I hated you. No. I loved you, but I hated Marina. I was dreaming of revenging
myself my whole life! That’s why you wanted to
take away Dina’s child? I wanted to do the best both for Dina, and her child. Better for everyone. I would love him like my own. Forgive me. Time’s up. Five more minutes. Alla, I need information
about your business partners. – What for?
– I’m sure that Gosha set you up. Why does it matter now? I will get you out, I promise.
I need information. It’s been half a year. We met
when he started looking for you. When you got found
he disappeared for me. He stopped calling me. Dina, what do you have with Maxim? Nothing. What will be written in the paternity
entry in the birth certificate? It’ll be left blank. I will have it blank, too. Are you pregnant? I’m not sure yet. I’ve got a delay… As soon as I get the birth
certificate I will leave to Murom. I won’t interfere. Dina… The break at the registry
office will soon be over. Good luck! – Mom, where’s Dina?
– She left. Where to? For how long?
Why did she leave the stroller? She left forever. She gave you
her thanks for care and attention. Then she left. Put the flowers in a vase, please. Yes? Maxim, I don’t want to explain anything. Please don’t call me anymore. Hi! Here’s my passport,
here’s the chain. Give me those 8, 960 rubles. Please. Yes, of course. Are you moving in? I doubt that
anyone will let you in with a child. Yes, we’ll stay. – Where are your things?
– It’s all I’ve got. Why is it like this? Here you are! This belonged
to my grandchildren. How will you go for a
walk without a stroller? My name is Zoya Makarovna.
You can call me aunt Zoya. Thank you. I’m Dina. And this is Anton. Okay, you can give
me the money tomorrow. We don’t need anyone. Right, Anton? They can date whoever they want; and we will live according
to our own rules, right? Yes, my baby? We’ve got our own rules! Everything will be fine. We will have a great period
in life soon, very soon! The newborns have to be registered
in the first month of life. I couldn’t do it earlier. You don’t have a certificate
from a maternity home. I gave birth at my grandma’s home. Bring the grandma here and
let her confirm this fact. How do I know that you
haven’t stolen this child? She’s very far, in a remote village. Natalia Ivanovna,
can we cut the corners? Where is the father of the child? We don’t have a father. He doesn’t need this child. We can leave the field blank. We could. But what if he remembers
about this child in a year? What can we do? The father should disavow paternity. This document doesn’t
have a term of limitation. What if it’s impossible? Well… – Okay, I’ll bring the document.
– Very good. Bring the disavow paternity, and the
certificate will be ready in a week. – Have a good day!
– Bye! Igor Vladimirovich? Yes, Sudakova. I’d like to discuss something with you. Not today? Everyone come to me!
I will read your names now… Dina? Dina, you’re here, too? Hello. Dina, did you come to see Vitya? Do you know they can
put him behind the bars? Claudia Semenovna, I want
Vitya to disavow paternity, so that I could make a
birth certificate for Anton. Is this Vitya’s son? My God! Anton, my sweetheart! He looks exactly like his
father in his childhood! I’m very upset that you and Vitya split. But it would be different now.
You should get back together again. You will get married, and the
child will have a legitimate father. Vitya’s term will be reduced
since he’s got a suckling child. Claudia Semenovna, good bye! – Dina, Hi!
– Hi! Please explain to me what’s happening. – I don’t want to explain anything, Maxim.
– Why? It will be better like this. – For whom?
– For everyone! He was caught in Maya’s apartment. She was Alla’s friend. He was cashing checks
through her restaurants. You work fast, Grigoriy. You haven’t lost your
professional grip in 15 years. Why did you get fired
from the law enforcement? You know everything about me, don’t you? I had to investigate. How did you end up in Alla’s house? At some point I realized
that I wanted to be with her no matter what. How is Dina? Dina is renting a room.
She doesn’t want to talk to me. She doesn’t explain anything. Maybe she still loves Viktor? I wonder how women forgive such things. I don’t know, Max, I don’t know. Nina, you’ve got visitors. – Who are they?
– They’re from a foster home. We came to check the living conditions. What’s the matter? Show us the birth
certificate of the child. I don’t have it yet. What do you mean? How old is the child? He’s 4 months old. I see. We’ll have to take him away. What are you saying? What is happening? The child’s grandmother made a plea. Semakina Claudia Semenovna. – She stated that you live an immoral life.
– What? You don’t have a fixed residence,
and don’t take care of the child. What nonsense! Valya, call the orphanage.
Tell them to prepare the documents. I won’t give you my son! Get out of here you, geese!
Get out of here right away! Get out of my apartment! We’ll be back with the
district police officer. You will have to go away, girl. Hey, how are you? Anton… Anton! – Maxim, hi!
– Hi! I was just passing by.
I haven’t seen you for so long… Excuse me, I’m busy. I’ll call you back. I know that Dina left you. – Did you have a part in it?
– What do you mean? Did you tell her something?
What did you tell her? Nothing. Yes? What? Dina, I’ll come right away! Where are you? Okay, I got you. Rustam
questioned Claudia. He thinks he’s got
nothing to do with it. Let’s go, there’s nothing
to do here anymore. What if they bring him back? Okay, I will make someone keep a watch. Yes, Rustam? What?
Good. We’re on the way. They found Anton. – Where is he?
– On the train station. Out! Yes, Maxim? Let’s go! It’s not him. It’s not him! What are you doing here? Did you steal him? Where is he?! Dina, calm down. Where is he?! Maybe he needs a change? My God, it’s a girl!
It says “Polina” here. Polina must be hungry. We should feed her. I don’t know how… Let me do it. That handicap was a strawman. Dina, did you pick up Anton’t
birth certificate? Why not? I needed a disavow paternity. – Why did they ask for it to begin with?
– I don’t know. That lady told me so. – Do you remember her name?
– It’s Sudakova. Alla, take her to your place. Dina, forgive me everything. I know… I feel that
everything will be okay. – Captain Korenev, CID.
– What’s the matter? Where’s Dina Chaykina’s son? I don’t understand what
you’re talking about! Tell me where my grandson is.
I’ve got nothing to lose. I will tell. I will tell.
I will tell everything. Let her go. She will tell. Let me go. So? Who are you, beautiful girl? Look at your little fingers! Anton? Anton! What are we waiting for? Let’s
go and deal with them right away. No, we shouldn’t.
They’re experienced guys. Let’s wait for the squad. Yes, Alla? Okay. What? Dina is not in the flat. We should find her. – You go, I will stay here.
– All right. Yes? You’ve got Anton?
Thanks Heaven. I got you. Baby? Baby? Anton? Baby! Where are you? Please don’t be silent. Anton! Dina, my dear, calm down! We found Anton. Everything is fine. I heard his voice. Than it disappeared. You’re not the only one who
hears the voice of the loved one. I love you. Comrade captain, the
criminals were arrested. Anton, my dear, my little boy! I love you so much. I’m your father. – What?
– I’m your father. It’s good. Right? How did they adopt Polina so fast?
Another friend in the high office? Yes, Grisha’s friend. So, Polina is now my sister? Yes, and Anton’s aunt. – Hello!
– Hi! Judging by her character she
will be the best aunt ever. Yes, yes. Look who’s here! It’s Polina. Look at her.
It’s Polina, your aunt.