While the ultimate hands-on experimentation
is in the field with a real wind turbine, difficulties such as weather
reliability, the danger of working on the real equipment and
limited access to the turbine parameters asks for an additional easier access.
Lab-Volt’s Small-Scale Wind Power Electricity Generation Training System is
an alternative solution for classroom based teaching of wind power and
wind turbines that allows teaching wind power parameters and generators. The full-color student manual includes all the theory needed as well
as step by step procedures for experimentations on voltage versus speed of
wind turbine generators, torque versus speed of wind generators and
power versus wind speed, including maximum power point tracking
with a variable speed generator. These topics are common to both
small-wind and large-wind. The next exercise was designed especially for
small-wind and deals with Storing Energy from a Wind Turbine into Batteries
To drive the wind turbine generator, a computer assisted special prime moverfaithfully reproduces the torque and speed characteristics of various
wind speed and air densities. This is something that a standard motor and
drive simply cannot achieve. The wind generator module features a permanent
magnet synchronous generator and resistive loads to study the generator
characteristics in AC or DC. The battery charge controller
that automatically protects the turbine in case of wind over speed or
when the batteries are fully charged. Lab-Volt’s modular approach allows new equipment
to be added to existing laboratories without needless duplication of equipment. The Small-Scale Wind Power Electricity Generation
Training System is a subset of Lab-Volt’s 8010 family that allows teaching of classical topics such as DC, single phase and 3 phase circuits,
transformers, motors, generators, smart grid and other renewable energies
by just adding the needed additional components instead of adding full systems. It also includes large wind generators such as asynchronous,
“D.FI” and permanent magnet synchronous generators. The Nacelle training system teaches all of the mechanical aspects of wind turbines,
including gear boxes, hydraulic breaks, yaw control,
scada and electrical systems. Using fiber optics, it is linkable with either
a hydraulic pitch or an electric pitch control training system. The wind farm
simulation software shows wind farm operation and supervision
The Wind Power Systems presents a visual tour of the outside as well as
the inside of a wind turbine. It also includes multimedia courses on
the main subsystems of wind turbines. Lab-Volt offers plenty of complementary systems
such as Industrial controls Variable Speed DC, AC or Vector Drives Hydraulics
Programmable logic controller PLC
Power Electronics Rigging
Mechanical systems Other renewable energy training systems
include Residential wind and solar Solar thermal Energy
Solar Photovoltaics Grid Tie inverters
Smart Grid Geothermal energy
Hydro-electricity Fuel cells
Thanks to it’s safety, durability, flexibility and great pedagogical features,
Lab-Volt’s Small-Scale Wind Power Electricity Generation Training System
is a student favorite and might just be the turnkey solution your program
is looking for. For any additional information, please contact your local dealer or [email protected]
We hope you enjoyed this short presentation. Thank you for being with us today.