– The biggest issue facing wind right now is the question of grid connection. If we want to use the wind
resource that we have in, up in the mountains in California, you also need to be able to deliver that power to users. That is, you have to have
a grid that’s capable of absorbing it. And the wind doesn’t,
of course, always blow at exactly the right times. – [Interviewer] Right, so you need to– – Yeah, so you have to figure out how to deal with the intermittency. Now, you can’t do everything with wind. So it’s, again, just
one element in the mix. – An important growing piece. – I think another important thing is the scale of the amount of energy we use is so enormous. – Yeah. – That if all of a sudden
you said well let’s meet a significant fraction,
50% of our electricity from wind, all of a sudden
you’re talking about using a lot of land area. There are even potentially some meteorological changes,
local changes in winds and so forth, or changes in sensitive habitat, so– – ‘Cause you’re grabbing that wind. – Well, you’re grabbing that wind, then you’re extracting–
– You change it. – energy from it. On a small scale, that
might have no impact whatsoever but anything that you do on the scale of our energy system, we have to understand all of the impacts. So it also speaks to
why we don’t wanna rely on any one thing, because we might perturb systems in such a
way that we couldn’t foresee.