missing person’s report..
Well how can that be? Thought you guys found her in a snow drifter
right before the storm. Excuse me?
I heard her name go out over the radio when you guys found her.
I don’t remember using her name. Maybe you weren’t listening.
– The fuck are you doing? – What?
– Why are you flanking me? – What are you talking about?
What the fuck you think I’m talking’ about? You got us on three sides.
Get your hand off that weapon, this is private property.
Put the fucking gun down right now! Put it down!
Do it! – Turn away from me, drop to your knees.
– Right now! Evan! Fuck you! This is private BIA issued lease
on reservation land, assholes. You are breaking the law by being here.
This is a lease land on reservation, Deputy. You got no authority.
You think I don’t know what are you doing? Fucking do it assholes,
see what happens. – Hoka he, white boy. Let’s go.
– What are we doing? Deputy, You have got no authority,
you are in violation of Federal law, – Lower your weapons.
– Fuck, you got us in the cross fire! Talk to me!
What do I do? Hold your ground.
County Sheriff have no authority. – Get them to holster those goddamn weapon.
– Alright everybody, just take it easy. FBI! Hey, FBI.
This is federal land and I have the only authority, ok?
Right now all of you stand down. Okay, everyone.
If we’re all working towards the same goal here…
… and I need you to back down, and take your hands away
from your weapons. Look?
Dylan, holster your weapon. Fucking decaf man.
Jesus fucking Christ. You keep these assholes in check lady,
we’re just doing our fucking job here. Yeah, when we show up
your job is over, asshole. Evan, holster your weapon now!
All right, everyone of you step to my left. Let’s go.
– Nobody behind me, you understand? – You got it. asshole.
Guys step my way. Everybody take a
big deep breath here please. Deputy, holster your weapon.
– You didn’t see it? – Now or you’re under arrest..
You understand me? You didn’t see it. Take us to Matt’s trailer. Yes, ma’am. FBI! Open up. Are you sure someone’s in there? – Hey, Pete, It’s Curtis. RADIO: – Ben do you copy? The FBI is standing
in front of the door, open up. Jane, get away from the door! Fuck you, let’s go. – Pete, you okay?
– I’m hit.. Who is hit?
– Pete you good? – We’re good.
How many we got down? – Two that won’t get up.
– No, I’m getting up. Goddamn it, the woman out here are spunky. Anyone seen where that came from? – Can you stand?
– I don’t know. We better figure it out,
cause we’re not done yet. – Where is he?
– I don’t know. Curtis!?
Mike! – Hey, Curtis!
– Out there… trailer 3.