So the impact of the expansion for the
students is that they will experience a better working environment closer to
what they’re actually an experience when they graduate and become a wind
technician. Some of the technology includes an indoor ladder where students
can perform climb and rescues inside the shop, but they can also work at
heights as part of their normal classes. Students will also build a working
nacelle in our shop that we have donated to us. They will program it to actually
determine wind speed from outside and direction and turn internally in the
shop so they can simulate an actual wind turbine as best as possible. By having
updated tools, we’re going to be that much more prepared for the job. I get to hear
that graduates from this program, you know, they have three, to five, six job
offers. That’s insane! To have that many job offers, you have to have the
knowledge, the capability of these new tools. If we go get our degree, great, but
we don’t know how to work anything, that’s not going to help us. So we need
those tools here and now. The expansion will allow the wind program to grow. Currently we don’t have the space for a very large computer lab. Our shop facility is fairly
small with a very low ceiling height and so the expansion is going to give us
that ability to grow and actually be able to take in more students. So in addition to the physical space, we will actually have room for students to build
more complex equipment, we can bring in more equipment from the outside that
that’s been donated to us and get those running in our shop. By having all this extra space and having a collaborative common area, we can all hang out and meet.
I see the diesel guys every once in a while they seem like nice guys I don’t
know they’re on the other side of the parking lot. Since we’re not at the main
site, to have a little bit more of conformity to say that we are NJC, we
are here, and that we are together.