Hello everyone! I am Kalliopi, I am Tereza and this is a video of our STEAM project! Our goal was to model 2 wind turbines and compare them to see which one produces more electricity. We decided to test the HAWT Modern turbine and the Giromill turbine. In our project, we had some limitations. We could not spend more than 60 kn per person. We had to use recycled materials and we had a deadline. This is a summary of our research. First, we found out that windmills were discovered by the Egyptians and were used for irrigation and farming. Also, a modern wind turbine weighs 100-300 tons and is used to produce electricity. We made one drawing for each wind turbine. These are the materials we used. These are our initial designs. We chose to add 3 more blades to the Giromill wind turbine and, we wanted to do a project on wind turbines in the first place because it’s a renewable energy source. While testing, we wanted to use a hair-dryer, but we didn’t have one, so we used the compressor. In the beginning, we blew wind to the turbines. We tested the turbines 3 times. We recorded the results and then analysed them. For the first wind turbine, we got these results. The electricity the turbine produced was not a lot, but there were some differences between the 3 tests. For the second turbine, the average was much higher than the first one and it produced more electricity. This turbine was more successful even though, broke many times along the way. After 2 tests, the turbines started breaking. This is why we had to replace some of the balsa wood, reglue the wax paper on the blades and fix the top part of the Giromill turbine. We did that because we needed to repair the damage on the blades and we had to fix them to continue the testing. After testing, we found out that the most efficient wind turbine is the Giromill one. This first graph shows the HAWT Modern results. Also, our turbines were very fragile. My journal is well organised with many drawings. I also have some calculations. We had to write 150 to 200 words every day, about what we did and what we will do next. In my journal, each entry is about 150-200 words. My journal has more calculations and lists than drawings. The drawing on the right is a sketch of the final product. This project was difficult since it was an engineering project. We followed our plan. While building, we could’ve been more careful. We now know that need more sketches of our project in our journals. Next time we are try and follow the instructions better. The next step would be to test turbines with more blades to see what makes a turbine efficient. These were the sources we used to find information. These are the sources for the pictures we used.