(upbeat inspirational music) (upbeat inspirational music) – The self-hoisting crane is
a very innovative concept. It can be really a game changer in the industry of main
correctives for wind. It’s basically a crane that can
be climbed up to the nacelle and can be used for main correctives in maintenance operation
for wind turbines. (upbeat inspirational music) (upbeat inspirational music) – One of the big considerations
for wind over the years was change-out of major components, such as gearboxes, generators, etc. So, this will allow us to have a cost-effective turbine and continue to maintain it at a much lower cost than
what the wind industry has seen over the years. Normally, when you replace a gearbox, you’re gonna have a pretty
good-sized crane come in, pull the lid off, go in
and pluck it right out, drop it to the ground,
and put a new one in. – With a traditional crane you are very dependent on the
ambient weather conditions. If the window of the weather is small, you cannot predict it. (upbeat inspirational music) (upbeat inspirational music) – In my experience,
the self-hoisting crane has been the dream of the
industry for a long time. They have known that the turbine
has its own capabilities, the tower, the nacelle, the
entire wind turbine in itself, to be the strength and the structure for its own change-outs. – This is a perfect example of how innovation and sustainability can be implemented in our wind farms. This system has many benefits in the safety point-of-view
versus the old, because there’s a very limited interface between man and machine, so the system is more or less automatic. And they can work in higher wind. For example, it can work for winds up to 18 meters per second or respectively 10 meters per second that is the traditional
limit for the main cranes. – It’s been a very smooth,
seamless process so far. They have been able to replace a gearbox without any considerations
of ground preparation, of mobilization, of massive crane units in. Every technology that comes out that allows us to reduce the
costs of the maintenance, the difficulty of the maintenance, and the risks of the
maintenance in many ways is gonna pay huge dividends. – The people on the sites must ask to us, Okay, we need to digitalize or we need to process the daily operations in a much smarter,
effective, and efficient way. Here’s the technicians, and we are trying to do another
solution to support them. – Every innovation like this is gonna allow us to
become more competitive as a company, as a wind
farm, and as an industry. (upbeat inspirational music)