Hey Guys, Captain Mark Rose out here on Lake Erie in Pennsylvania out of Presque Isle Bay It is a windy day on Lake Erie today But that is not stopping us from catching smallmouth bass on this fishing charter The Bass Online Rig is out here and ready to go! I got Charles and his brother with me from Ohio. They are repeat clients They did not care it was windy. I told them it was going to be a little tough! But that did not stop us. Guys, How’s it been so far? It has been a smash fest!?! “Oh Yeah, Bass Online Captain Mark Rose. He will put you on the fish!” – Charles “All you have to do is bring them to the boat. Hawgs! Every one of them!! – Brother Alright Guys, there you go! Hold them Smallmouth Bass up there. That is your Lake Erie Morning Fishing Report I am out here on the Lake Erie and it has been absolutely GREAT!! -Captain Mark Rose