Bonjourno, YouTube!
Trev here, Summit or Nothing hiking and wild camping in Snowdonia of all places Joined this week by Joss
– How do? – Fellow youtuber and creator of the
Great Outdoors TV Facebook page so this is Joss’s neck of the woods so he’s my tour guide today Joss, tell us a bit but where we’re going
– Right, we’re going up Moel Siabod up a little scramble ridge called the Daear Ddu ridge and a camp somewhere near the summit.
Just below the summit – Ideal, so another mountain top
Snowdonian Wild Camp. Exciting stuff What’s this then, Joss? I think the quarryman’s cottages, this is a row of houses that workers of the quarry used to be working out of so they’d literally get one each. Very small rooms really, probably had all
the family in there as well, you know. They’re crumbling away so they’re not
safe places I wonder how many years ago that was nailed to there? Okay, so we’re heading up to that
shoulder over there, Trev don’t know if you can see that?
– Yeah – When we get over the shoulder
there’s a big lake then there’s a nice bit of flat ground
before we make the ascent to the ridge – Ideal A lot larger than what I’m used to on Dartmoor it’s going to be an adventure getting up there Hopefully, I won’t be dragging Joss back with me At the moment we’re alright, on a steady even keel
– Yeah we’re gonna be fine, Trev ,don’t you worry. We’re going to get views up at the top of Snowdon and of Tryfan two mountains that I’ve done before,
as you may well know It’s great to be back.
Snowdonia! Yeah. The winds picking up along here now. Good luck camping in this You can see how choppy it is – how windy it is – just looking at the lake. Won’t be getting any mirrored shots on this lake today – Yeah, so we’re just heading up the next bit of a climb probably the worst bit to climb on foot and then we just creep up to this
saddle and it flattens out nicely again by the next Lake – Ideal. I look forward to it
flattening down again Well, we’re not even up yet
and it is proper blustery. Hopefully, I won’t get blown off a ridge or anything But, yeah, might change where
we camp might make us have to think a little bit I’ve checked the weather on the BBC app Capel Curig, down at the base of the mountain is 21 mile an hour winds at the moment coming in at 8 o’clock 41 mile an hour Yeah, we’d better find somewhere fairly
sheltered to set up a camp else it could be a hairy night Starting to filter the burn now confirms my suspicions that I might be on a mountain So, this up here now, ahead of us is the ridge we’re gonna be climbing up hopefully, it’s not too hairy you all know how I feel about ridges bit nervous of them and it’s quite windy as
well so we’ll see how this goes I might be clinging onto a rock
for dear life for the night (PARP!) – Right, Trev, no need to worry if you feel a bit nervous because two of my friends from the climbing club that I used to be in are in are in this side of the valleys mountain rescue team – Yeah, that’s handy to know. Rest easy now – From here it looks like a knife edge
– Yeah – But it’s not, it’s kind of… when you’re on it it’s more of a saddle,
apart from a couple of bits but it’s not too much to err… It’s nothing like Crib Goch or anything, you know.
– No. Good!
(Laughs) Boggy here. A bit more like Dartmoor Trying to find an ideal route through here It’s a bit of a … Yeah, a bit of a quagmire, isn’t it? It’s solid here a minute Trying to find the high ground, I think Right, so we’re here Just about to start, head up. Ready for this, Joss?
– Yea, looking forward to it, mate. – Good. So am I. Secretly.
(Laughs) (Parp) Brown trousers! And so begins the scramble Ah, got my foot stuck If you want to see me coming up here, you’ll have to watch Joss’s video! Just having a bit of a recoup It’s testing me I’m hurting in different places than I usually do it’s been a good workout but, yeah, the more height we’re gain the more these views just become breathtaking Starting to get up now Up above all these mountains over here That’s what I love about when you’re climbing mountains all of the mountains that surround you, that you’re looking up at Eventually, you start looking down on them And you realise how much height you’ve gained It’s something else – My mother in-law bought me a helicopter ride
in Snowdonia a few years ago and this is where I came, I came all the way around here and over that pass there. Really cool.
– Oh wow. – and we had a hotel in Betws-y-Coed, was really good.
– I bet! – All the way around this mountain, basically. I’m starting to feel fatigue
kicking in now We had the option of stopping for something to eat and I said let’s just get up I sort of wish I’d had a little something now I’m running on empty. We’re getting there now It feels like I’m accomplishing something, it’s good Exhilarating and just one more bit to go apparently and ur… yeah… I’ll be glad to see the top Some cloud coming in This is more like it (Laughs) Get lost in the cloud now What’s that up there? There’s a trigpoint We’re right up in the clouds now it’s whipping in here We’re gonna lose visibility as soon as we get up there, ain’t we? Typical. It’ll be the opposite of what happened
on Pen-Y-Fan the other week – You’ll have to try and open the clouds up again
– Yeah I’ll do my Moses Here we go meters away from the top feeling the cold now exposed up here be laying up in a minute Whoooo To the trig! – Yeah, to the trig! – Go on. You lead the way. And there we are! We’re up! (Laughs) Blustery! – Are we doing the old Summit or Nothing?
– Shall we? – Oh, aye, yeah! Un, dau, dri! SUMMIIITT OOORRR NOOOTHIIINGG!! Thank You, Joss
– Yeah, nice one buddy! Been a good one, enjoyed it.
– Been good to get up here. Whoooaa!! Be good to get off in a minute! There’s Snowdon! There it is. So, that was Snowdon there, there’s Tryfan over there! I’ve been there, and I’ve been there! And now I’m here! It’s a bit windy up here to camp, so
we’re gonna try to find somewhere down see what we find Starting to head down now Getting out of wind So, we’re going to look now for somewhere to camp and then, ur… get a brew on I reckon
and get some tea inside us Snowdonia is Joss’s playground and he’s put some fantastic videos up his last video actually was really fantastic where he goes and has a look around these mines and then he does a wild camp I’ll put a link below to his channel obviously and to that video specifically and also to
Great Outdoors TV if you enjoy this sort of content then that’s a great Facebook page not just for people to upload their videos but also people to join who want to
watch this type of video it’s a really great platform and its
really worth looking at Steep down here and greasy, as well it’s getting a bit dewy on the ground bit slippery underfoot – From here it looks like it’s gonna be sheltered but we don’t know if its gonna get boggy or not – Yeah
– That’s the risk we take There’s trees around and there’s a little
bit of a rise, isn’t there? You see that rise above that?
– Yeah We go there and then work our way
back in the morning or the other option is we stay on this
side heading more towards there so we’re closer to home already and pitch somewhere on the flat
– Pitch somewhere along there? That might be an option, mightn’t it,
because once we’re in there…. – That could take us hours tomorrow
and we don’t want to be messing about So shall we do that?
– Yeah, that sounds good. This is hard walking through here it’s long grass, slippery, boggy, on a hill. This is more like Summit or Nothing.
Joss has got the hang of it already. Yeah, getting very dim now Losing light, it’s gone in beyond the mountains. We’ll be setting up in the dark Right, we’ve found a pitch. It’s dry, it’s relatively flat, it’s fairly solid It’s exposed – it’s windy across here and the
winds are picking up it’s gonna be a windy wild camp Ain’t had one of them in a while It’s not looking good, is it? I can’t see what I’m doing in the dark and this wind is something else along here I don’t know if I’ve put some pegs down,
I’ve lost two pegs I’ve not pegged my door up and I usually bring spare pegs
but today I didn’t bring the bloody things so, I’m gonna have to find something
to peg it down with Before I can get on There we go.
There’s my home for the night. Joss leant me his a walking pole to put up the door with So anyway,
I’m here with Joss as you know and now he’s prepared me a meal I know, I get fed by lots of people, don’t I? It’s good. I think we’re having a chicken curry he says he used to be a chef so I’m looking forward to this So, all I’ve got to do is boil some water.
A couple cups of water. For him to pour on the rice. So, I’d better get that done Ugh! F******g hole there (Laughs) Here he is. Alright then, mate?
– Alright, Trev, yeah. Chicken curry on the go
– Ah, it’s smelling nice Look at that Look at that, everyone. Hungry? I was hungry halfway up that scramble
– Yeah It was a good day Joss, wasn’t it?
– Was great day, yeah! a shame about the wind but we
did get some fantastic scenery, didn’t we? – Yeah
– Right, so this is an advert for camping rice it’s ready-cooked dehydrated rice all you have to do is pour hot water on top of it you pour a mug full of full hot water on top of that Chuck your sleeping bag over it, let it soak in a little bit it’s just like having cooked rice, it’s really good. – Nice. Cor, that does smell nice Good little set up. And what’s your tent? It’s called a Scarp 1 It’s an American tent – Yea, it’s really nice. Quite roomy in there? – Yea, it’s my most roomy tent it’s a bit heavier than some of my other
tents but I take this out cuz because it just got so much space inside – and does the inner and the outer go up all at once? – Yeah
– That’s handy – Yeah I bought to thinking
it was my dedicated winter tent but I just like it so much it comes out all the time
– Yeah Well, there’s tea! We got naam, we’ve got curry, rice and look- a pot of mango chutney. Spoilt! Well, there we go, back in the tent now. That was a handsome tea Joss had cooked spicy enough not too hot but yeah, really tasty So, we sat outside the tent
for all of like 30 seconds and then said it’s too cold. That wind is biting cold but I’ve had a really great day.
Really enjoyed it Some amazing views really good scrambling, really enjoyed that So, yeah, it gives you a bit of confidence to do things like that when you’re with someone who sort
of knows it and then when the wind was picking up, I was like oh, my god, I don’t know if
I want to do this but once we was up there, on our way up it was a challenge it was hard working on muscles that
I’ve not used for a long time but I never felt unsafe at any point. So, yeah, great! Now, I’m in the tent it’s holding up at the moment I’m gonna chill for a bit See how this night goes – it’s picking up now see how
this goes Morning, YouTube! I got through the night it was quite warm Surprisingly comfortable. It’s been raining, rain was not forecast but the winds died down Not much to look at out there the mountains are all hidden beyond the low cloud It’s a bit grim Morning mate.
– How ya doing? – Yeah, not bad. Survived? – Yeah, alright. That corner of the tent took a lot of
wind and twice the thing came off the peg, like – Ah did it?
– I had to get out of the tent to put the peg back on – Yeah, I thought that might
happen with my back end but that seemed to hold it, really, it done alright – It was noisy, wasn’t it?, the wind was noisy, as well. – And I didn’t realise until I went to set my bed up that there’s a rock right under the tent,
right in the middle of the tent I slept around it all night So, the Naturehike survived the night I tied a bit to the window here pegged it back, it made all the difference When I was setting up you saw it flattening that little bit of rope pegged out here held really well Because there was some blustery wind last night there are more places I can
tie off, here. I’ve got more ropes And at home I’ve got more pegs so I might put more pegs in and more ropes and tie it down in every direction really sturdy and really held it’s ground so… pleased with that. Looks like I’ve lived in here for a week, doesn’t it? I’m gonna pack up, get on the road And then I’ll buy Joss a breakfast to thank him for taking me out and cooking me tea last night, that was nice So, yes let’s tidy up Here we go. Leave No Trace All packed up,
ready to go So, my second wild camp in Snowdonia The first being Cadair Idris, if you’ve not seen that video… here’s a link Yeah, many more to come, I hope So, we’re setting off now as you can see
the weather is coming in misty We’re going to tread this way, somewhere
try and find a wall follow that wall down to the river and then follow the river back to the car. Hopefully, it’s not too buggy through here. So, we’re coming down off the mountains
now once again pronounce the mountain for me…
– It’s called Moel Siabod – Moel Siabod
– Yeah – It’s good to have someone who can pronounce the welsh mountains, for me – It’s one of Snowdonia’s classics, well worth it! – Yeah, lovely, amazing. Anyway, thank you all for watching Thank You Joss
– You’re very welcome Cheers, Trev, really enjoyed it, mate! Was good, wasn’t it?
– Yeah, I really enjoyed it And hopefully, next year Joss is planning
to come down to Dartmoor for a bit of an excursion so I’ll show him the ropes
down there So anyway if you haven’t already checked out Joss’s channel or Great Outdoors TV there’s a link below.
Get down there, check them both out Well worth a look and yeah Thank you all for watching We’ll see you again soon Cheers.
– See ya! Oh, s***! F***