In this video we are going to talk to you a little bit more about Winergy Original Services. Did you guys know every second wind turbine in the US comes with a Winergy gearbox? For 30 years Winergy has been killing it in
the wind industry. They started off in Germany back in the 80’s, expanded to the US, then branched into India and China. They use their global presence to serve customers
all around the world. They are pumping out high quality products
with short delivery times That means you get what you need at your site quick! Winergy uses what they call a process management
system that provides lean operations and a Zero-Defect Tolerance. In other words, they have their system fine-tuned so that you get the best products in your turbines. The buck dosnt stop with the manufacturing
though, Winergy takes training seriously. All Winergy employees are trained to be experts
in their field. I’m glad Winergy is out there serving the
Wind Industry and I’m stoked to see what they will come up with next!