By now you’re seeing the trend here: the
world’s biggest city, the world’s longest canal, biggest airport, longest high speed
rail network and underwater tunnel. So the fact that China is building the world’s
largest Wind Power Farm too shouldn’t surprise you. The Gansu Wind Farm Project will produce
20 Gigawatts of power by 2020, and will cost nearly $20 billion to build. Turbines are
going up at the staggering rate of 35 per day across the three areas that make up the
power base. In 2012, Gansu’s capacity surpassed the total wind-generated-electricity produced
by all of the United Kingdom, and it’s just the largest of six mega-wind farms currently
under construction throughout China. But China isn’t embracing wind just to reduce
its carbon emissions, it’s doing everything it can to simply keep the lights on. Some
parts of the country with booming middle class populations suffer persistent electricity
shortages because, just like us, people want refrigerators, dishwashers, washer and dryers,
and computers in their homes, but there’s only so much energy to go around. So China’s State Council is pushing for
an across-the-board renewable strategy to reduce its dependence on oil, coal and gas,
the finite resources of the 20th century whose extraction and consumption are subject to
constant geopolitical tensions. Since 2013, China has led the world in renewable
energy production, with a total capacity of 378 installed Gigawatts, coming from projects
as wide-ranging as Gansu to hydroelectric power plants like the Three Gorges Dam, which
spans the Yangtze River and is the world’s largest power station of any kind. In just
the last 10 years, China has increased its solar panel production 100-fold to become
the world’s leading manufacturer of the technology. With China now pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere
than the number two and three emitting countries – the US and India – combined, it’s vital
for the future of the planet that it continues using MegaProjects to create a lot more Megawatts
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