Today we’re really pleased to be the
Festival of Bright Ideas in Hobart with our project partner Aurora Energy and what
we’re doing today is demonstrating to school kids how wind energy creates
electricity. This is the type of power Aurora will be getting to your homes one day. Tasmania has a fantastic history of more than a hundred years of investing in renewable energy and we’re partnered with Goldwind to build a new
wind farm up in the Central Highlands called Cattle Hill. And once it’s completed
we’ll be able to power sixty-three and a half thousand Tasmanian homes. They’re pretty impressive aren’t they? And they all need a name! They all need a name, so instead of us coming up with really boring adult names, they’re going to have
the opportunity to name one of the forty eight wind turbines, we’re going to have a
signwriter put the name of that turbine on the door of the turbine and that’s
going to be there for the life of the project. So forevermore these turbines
will bear your name. It’s like naming a star, but today your opportunity is to
name a wind turbine in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. At Aurora Energy, we really want to reimagine the
Tasmanians experience with energy.