As you probably know, The Legend of Zelda:
The Wind Waker HD offers quite a few improvements over the original GameCube version. But one of the subtle upgrades is that many
of the game’s more repetitive animations have been shortened in an effort to improve the
pace of the game So I thought we’d take a quick at three of
the biggest ones to compare just how much faster they are now than in the GameCube version First up is the grappling hook animation and
we’ll be taking a look at the GameCube version first. From the point of throwing the grappling
hook, it takes Link about 3-seconds to actually begiun his swing But if we take a look at the Wii U version,
we can see it only takes him just slightly over 1. Now let’s put the two side-by-side so we can
really see the difference, with the HD version on the left and the GameCube one on the right So yeah, they managed to shave roughly 2-seconds
off the animation, which is something you’ll come to appreciated as it’s a maneuver you’ll
be performing a lot. Now if you thought that was an improvement,
check out what it’s like to scavenge treasure form the ocean floor. And again, we’ll be
starting off with the GameCube version From the point that you start lowering the
crane, it takes Link 8-seconds until he can actually start to open the chest. But in the Wii U one, we can see it only takes
4. They cut it in half! Now let’s put the two side-by-side so you
can really see the difference. Trust me, this will save you a ton of time–and
aggravation But perhaps the biggest improvement is seen
when using the Wind Waker to change the wind direction. As always, let’s start with the GameCube version. As you can see, It took an excruciating 9-seconds
to get to the point where you can actually select the wind direction But in the Wii U one, they cut out Link’s
encore entirely, dropping it down to 4, which is less than half the time And here they are side-by-side.
It’s a huge difference. And not only that,
but once you choose a wind direction, the Wii U version is still quicker cutting it
down by another second and a half. Taken altogether, these are some pretty big
improvements, and it makes me wonder how we even put up with those animations in the original
game–as you saw them all the time Alright, and that wraps up our look at how
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker’s shortens some key animations